This is How Your Skin Adapts When The Season Changes! According To Dermatologists

Get your favorite oversized hoodie ready because…Fall is here!
WAIT, already?

We know this year has been extremely different! Our daily routine has changed, the months just seem to run faster (almost like an eye blink), and suddenly, October is already here.

Fall's arrival brings more than just warm clothes and delicious pumpkin desserts. The  season also includes cooler air and less humidity; the perfect combination that can cause crack skin, potential break out, and maybe pimples inflammation (acne alert!). 
But, this isn’t just out of the blue.

These weather changes, truly triggers a process of adaptation in our skin. And even though we can't control this from happening, you can certainly make the process easier with consciousness of the matter, linked with an accurate skincare routine.

In this article, we explain derms statements about this natural process in your skin and extra factors that you probably weren't considering (everything counts!).

Action and reaction: Weather Vs Skin

Did you know that this process happens four times during the year? Yes, Four times!
Good news is, once you start realizing the signals, you'll be capable of treating your skin in advance. The best formula is: prevention. But, the real problem comes when these consequences turn into serious skin rashes or even worse, infections.

Specifically from summer to fall, our skin is used to the friendly, sunny weather; and suddenly the dream just ends (Ouch...). 
Think of it this way, the skin realizes that it needs to work harder to keep an accurate level of hydration, just like unpaid extra hours.
According to The British Association of Dermatologists, these climatic factors affect our biochemical and ultra structural levels; but the consequences are not always the same. These skin changes can vary depending on the age and even the person's gender. Although the intensity of the alterations are not always the same, some of the most common changes are: skin texture, color and elasticity.
Let's focus on hydration for a second.

According to dermatologists, not only the weather forces the skin to work harder, but also the heather inside our house sabotages a little bit all the work your skin has been doing. Oh! Let's not forget about hot long showers. According to experts, your hot showers (totally understanding if you’re not good with cold water) shouldn’t be longer than 5min. Now that you know, please make your skin effort, worth it!
At this point, your skin becomes more sensitive than usual. And an obvious way to detect it, is the blotchiness in your face.

What remains of summer

The adaptation process to the new weather, is just the cherry on the cake. Do you remember the tips we gave you for summer skincare? This is all connected to each other. 
Summer skin effects don't end when Fall shows up. The constant exposition to UV rays during warm weather, affects more than the dermis. If you use a daily lotion with high SPF, you're a visionary! If you're not using lotion at all, please pay special attention to the next lines.
The best advice is: go visit with your dermatologist from time to time.
Depending on the damage and your skin type, you could use adding to your products a skincare formula with peptides that helps increase the collagen production. This powerful amino acid decreases its natural production not only while we age, but also with excessive exposure to UV rays. How does it show in your skin? The loss of peptides, affects the firmness and elasticity of the skin
Now let's add the fall effect.
A good solution is the removal of the surface-level dead skin cells. This action helps with acne prevention -another adult nightmare-, and removes what's left of summer skin damage. 
At this point, these are the most common questions: Can I do this without spending a fortune? Can I do it without exposing my skin to chemical treatment? The answer for both is: yes! 
For people like us, who prefer organic and natural solutions, there are plenty alternatives to chemical peeling that you can DIY at home! Totally safe and easy recipes using citric fruits.

An holistic routine

Everything is connected: your body, your mind and how you treat your temple. 
With the change of season, comes mood alterations as well. Cooler weather sometimes makes us feel less active, and just wanting to stay in bed all day! Don't feel weird or mad about it, it's totally normal! Just don't forget to focus on keeping your life in balance

One common sign of these internal changes is the diet. Comfort eating, associated with Autumn's weather, is another cause for skin breakouts. We know it is hard, but you can win this transition! Don't let those pumpkin lattes ruin your effort. 

Trust the process. As dermatologists say, these changes are attributed to falls' arrival. Is better to focus your energy on what's in your hands to help your skin while this process smooths out.
Stay mindful.


Common mistakes made, according to dermatologists

Now that you know what's currently going on with your skin, will be easier for you to understand why you need to stop doing these common mistakes:

First: If you don't have a skincare routine, you're just in time to start one. Don't feel guilty, a lot of people don't worry about skincare, until they see a mark. I promise, isn't so hard and it'll take just a few minutes. If you are wondering what you need to start, here's a life (and budget) saver article.

Second: Adapt your products according to the season. We kept reading this advice, mostly in all derms articles (Surely no coincidence). If you keep using the same cream all year long, this is a red flag! The dermatologist recommendation is to use a thicker cream during autumn and winter, plus a nourishing body wash like this one.

Third: Don't forget about the rest of your body. You're not just a pretty face! Your entire body needs more hydration with this kind of weather. Moisturize your body as well and don't take too long of hot showers -I know it is a hard one-. 

Fourth: Keep using a pro SPF! Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean that you can stop using your sun protector.


Once you understand your own skin better, you'll start realizing the common mistakes and also new best practices for your own skincare.

Oh! Before you go, we have a special message for you:
Never forget how kind your skin is! 
It resembles a shield for the rest of your body and is constantly exposed to a lot!
Show your skin some love, and enjoy all the amazing, seasoned organic treatments.

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