Coffee Skincare to your healthy lifestyle

       The Fivesso Team introduces organic coffee in a different way because we believe in the potential that organic coffee has shown many benefits that can be applicable on a daily healthy lifestyle basis. Especially in the core, the organic coffee grounds. When the organic coffee grounds are used as scrubs, we can appreciate its true potential and coverage. When our coffee grounds are soaked in the natural oils of our choice, such as organic jojoba oil, coconut oil and olive oil. It creates a soft formulated body scrub that removes dead skin and also hydrates and softens the skin. It also protects and binds elasticity in our skin, clearing pores and stimulating collagen.

           We always encourage to have a healthy lifestyle and that there should be a balance to everything. Doing too much of anything is not good and doing too little is not enough. Therefore, we recommend using organic coffee scrubs 2 or 3 times a week to regulate this treatment alongside the massaging for about 30 seconds. At this rate it will increase the blood flow and reduce puffiness in certain areas of the body or face; especially for puffy eyes and dark circles.

            If you are very attentive of your physical appearance, natural coffee scrubs also bring aid to that lifestyle, helping alleviate the appearance of cellulite slowly and protecting the skin from the sun. While you exfoliate, the oils protect the skin and the motions create a massage treatment infused with coffee components that produce elasticity and collagen.

           Organic coffee scrubs are perfect for any time usage; such a morning shower to prep your skin to a heavy day, or use to have selfcare relaxing night bath/shower to prep to bed. So what would you choose to add on to your healthy lifestyle?

We wish you all beautiful skin,

The Fivesso Team.