What is the Fivesso Experience?

Inspired by the organic taste of coffee, Fivesso has created a unique lineup of coffee skincare products by bringing the most effective organic ingredients from nature directly to you. We want you to be natural and feel natural by introducing the Fivesso Experience. We want you to feel the Fivesso experience through the energizing, soothing feeling, and rejuvenating exfoliation on your skin.

Why does Fivesso use coffee in their products?

We decided to use organic coffee because of the many natural benefits that coffee brings to your skin. The natural caffeine found in coffee has many benefits when directly applied to the skin, including improving the appearance of cellulite due to the natural exfoliation properties of the coffee grounds. The natural occurring caffeine in coffee helps reduce the cellulite fat cells by increasing the blood flow in the skin. Also, let’s not forget about the vitamins and anti-oxidants that are provided by the coffee grounds in Fivesso’s soaps and body scrubs.

Fivesso uses the highest grade medium roasted coffee that is fair-trade and organic certified to give you the best option for using coffee on your skin. (We also love drinking our high-quality, fair-trade organic coffee every morning!)

How are the organic coffee soap and body scrubs made?

The soap bars and body scrubs are all made with natural ingredients. The organic soap bars are handcrafted in large batches and cured in wooden curing racks to rest for 6 -7 weeks before being certified safe to use. We take proper care making sure that each soap bar reaches our premium standards before putting into the recycled Fivesso boxes so that each soap bar is personally inspected before packaging.

Our coffee body scrubs are made with organic honey and glycerin, along with several of other key ingredients.  Each 4 oz container are inspected and sealed to maintain 100% freshness before it arrives directly to you. All of our soaps and body scrubs are made in the USA!

What are the ingredients of Fivesso’s Organic Coffee Soap Bars?

Fivesso’s Organic Coffee Soap bars are made of a combination of four (4) organic essential oils and one selective scent of organic essential oil (varies by the scent of the bar). Fivesso soap bars combine these organic essential oils, organic coffee/glycerin blend, organic coffee grounds, and lye (also called sodium hydroxide). We use sustainable sourced organic palm oil, organic olive oil, and organic coconut oil as our oils in the bars.

How much caffeine is found in each soap bar?

Because all of our organic coffee soap bars are handcrafted, the amount of caffeine in each bar varies and can be different depending on the scent of the bar. An estimated range of natural caffeine found in a typical Fivesso bar has 200 milligrams (mg) to 700 milligrams (mg) of caffeine.

How do I use the soap bars?

To use a Fivesso Organic Coffee Soap bar, ensure your body is damp with warm water (preferably) for 1-2 minutes. Scrub each area of your body in a circular motion at least 3-5 times with the soap bar. Let the Fivesso soap sink into your skin for a minute before rinsing off the soap. You may use a sponge or loofah, but for best results, the soap bar should be directly applied to the skin.

How do the coffee grounds found in the coffee soap bar feel on the skin?

The coffee grounds found in all of our Fivesso Coffee Soap Bars are espresso ground and designed to feel soft on the skin while exfoliating. We are confident that you will enjoy the refreshing and soothing exfoliation experience.

What are the ingredients of the Fivesso Coffee Body Scrubs?

Fivesso Coffee Body Scrubs are made out of a combination of four (4) based organic essential oil and one selective scent essential oil (varies per scent of the bar).  By combining these organic essential oils, organic coffee grounds, vitamin E, glycerin, sea salt, and organic honey, we form our high-quality Fivesso Coffee scrubs.

How do you use Fivesso Coffee Body Scrub?

Use the Fivesso coffee scrubs roughly three to four times a week to obtain results. Dampen the area you wish to apply the scrub (anywhere on your body!) and apply the scrub. Rub the scrub and spread it in circular motion for 3-4 minutes. Rinse off the scrub with room temperature or cold water. 

How much caffeine is found in each 4 oz  Coffee Body Scrub?

The 4 ounce Fivesso Coffee Body Scrub has 300 to 500 milligrams of caffeine. This amount is equivalent to 4 to 8 cups coffee.

Will the soap or scrub stain my skin, my bath tub, or my clothes?

We have done extensive testing of our skin and clothes for the past several years, and we can confidently say that our Fivesso Soaps and Scrubs will not stain your skin or clothes.

Will the coffee grounds from the coffee body scrub clog the drain of the bathtub or sink?

We have designed our coffee body scrub grounds to be espresso size (very, very small) to avoid any issues going down the drain. Also, coffee grounds are naturally biodegradable!

Will I get caffeine "high" or feel the energy effects of the caffeine?

Depending on how sensitive you are to caffeine, the energy effect will vary per individual.  Please do not use Fivesso products if you are allergic or sensitive to caffeine.

Is caffeine absorption safe?

Yes, natural caffeine absorption is safe through your skin. Many academic studies have been done and many products already exist such as caffeinated bracelets and caffeinated lotions that are already on the market.

What coffee do you use in your organic coffee soap bars and coffee body scrubs?

We use 100% organic coffee roasted from the highlands of Peru provided by Sweetwater Coffee.

Are Fivesso Coffee Soap Bars and Coffee Body Scrubs edible?

Even though they contain organic ingredients and smell AMAZING, Fivesso soap bars and scrubs are NOT edible.  Please do NOT eat or consume these products.