Michael and Eric created Fivesso because like so many of us, they experienced skin care issues and reactions to store bought products that strip our skin of important necessities, creating more issues in the process. Michael suffered from severe eczema as a child and as a result, his mother would soak his skin in soothing coffee and oil baths to combat and treat the problem. Eric has been making his own soaps for years to make soap bars that moisturize the skin and not strip the skin of necessary oils. In college, both Eric and Michael created soaps for an eco-friendly project and they both wanted to take that knowledge to the next level. Sharing a passion for organic skin improvement and a love for coffee, Fivesso was born.

Fivesso began as an idea in early 2009 while having coffee at a local coffee shop. Several years later, Michael and Eric decided to form Fivesso and develop organic coffee soap bars and coffee scrubs.

Michael and Eric came up with the name Fivesso based on the simple ingredients that are used.  Michael came up with the "five" aspect of Fivesso, representing the five organic oils that we used in our original product -  organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic cocoa butter, and organic essential oils. The "esso" of Fivesso comes from the espresso organic coffee that is used in all of the Fivesso products.

They completed countless trials and formulations for over 2 years, applying organic ingredients toward different coffee soap bar and coffee body scrubs formulas. Inspired by their love of coffee, Fivesso has created a unique lineup of coffee skincare products bringing the most effective organic ingredients from nature directly to you. In 2016, they launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and successfully raised funds to continue developing new coffee soaps and body scrubs. Since the successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, Fivesso has been rapidly growing.