We founded Fivesso because, like so many of us, we experienced skincare issues and reactions to store-bought products that strip our skin of vital essentials, creating more problems in the process. We have always been a team dedicated to organic skincare improvement, and our journey started with a shared passion for addressing the sensitve skincare issues. Our collective experience led to the creation of Fivesso.

Fivesso began as an idea in early 2015, born over coffee at a local coffee shop. The name "Fivesso" reflects the simplicity of our ingredients. We came up with the "five" aspect of Fivesso, representing the five organic oils we use in our original product: organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic cocoa butter, and organic essential oils. The "esso" in Fivesso derives from the espresso organic coffee we incorporate into all of our products.

Our dedication to quality led us to complete countless trials and formulations over two years, applying organic ingredients to various coffee soap bar and coffee body scrub recipes. Fueled by our shared love of coffee, we have developed a unique lineup of coffee skincare products, bringing the most effective organic ingredients from nature directly to you. I

We wanted to share the alternative natural skincare solution with the world so in 2016, we launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and successfully raised funds to produce new organic coffee soaps and body scrubs. Since that successful campaign, Fivesso has been experiencing rapid growth, thanks to the collaborative efforts of our team.

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