Brand Ambassador

Are you ready to grow?  Are you interested in joining the natural lifestyle movement?

We are seeking collaborators that benefit our brand as well as yours. We're building a community of brand ambassadors that are ready to spread the natural skincare lifestyle. Our goal is to create a team of collaborators that can continuously work together as one.

To become an ambassador you must be able to advocate for skincare & one of the following:
Wellness, Fitness, Food, Lifestyle or Natural Products.

If you think you have what it takes please read up on our expectations & apply below.

Become An Ambassador

Which Of The Following Are You An Advocate For?:
Please Provide At Least 1 Social Media Url or Handle:
In a brief paragraph, please explain what drives you to be so passionate for natural skincare & why you and your brand are a great fit to become a Fivesso Brand Ambassador.:

How To Become An Ambassador

Interested in Becoming a Fivesso Brand Ambassador?

Let’s work together! We are seeking collaborators that benefit our brand as well as yours. When we grow, we want to make sure you to do the same. Unlike some other Brand Ambassador Programs, we like to think of ours as a two way street.  If you are interested in being a Brand Ambassador, take a minute to read up on our values and expectations.

If you like to “be natural and feel natural”, then we like your style.

It’s not a task or a job, it’s a lifestyle. If you live your life in a natural and healthy way, and have a passion for encouraging others to do the same, then we want to work with you. No need to be a skincare guru, you simply need to possess an enthusiasm for a clean and organic lifestyle one way or another.

Be Natural and Feel Natural (The Essentials)

Passion - You have an honest passion and actively pursuing a healthy natural lifestyle whether it is through natural skincare, organic foods, fitness, or natural wellness

Advocacy - One of the goals is to encourage others to learn about the benefits of an organic lifestyle

Growth  - You are committed to growing your brand and work hard at doing so


1) One minimum product post in both Instagram and Facebook
2) One minimum story post per month in Instagram
3) Share Fivesso Skincare Products Special Sales, Blogs, and Giveaways
4) Be active on your IG or FB & keeping it up to date
5) Take part in the Brand Ambassador program proudly.  

Fivesso is here to assist you grow your audience as well.  

How You’ll Benefit

As you grow, we grow too.  So we want you to have every tool and information you need to create amazing content and ensure you gain from your hard workt. Listed below are some of the benefits of joining the Fivesso Ambassador group:

Affliate Discount Code:  You can make referral money. We ensure your audience receive a discount on their order by using your affiliate code. You will also receive a percentage for each order every time the code is used. 

Content Sharing: We make it a point to share your posts and the content that you’ve created with our audience as well, allowing you to reach new followers.

Collaboration: We love to expand our collaborations into our blog, promote giveaways and create engaging instastories.

Engagement Pod and Skincare Read Community: You will have access to our amazing engagement group to help boost engagment  your social media.

In addition, you will have access our skincare community group, where you can help promote your branded content to help bring more awareness to your brand in the natural skincare world. 

Educational Content: You will have access to educational content for your usage to create content for your audience.

Brand Ambassador Goodies

Fivesso Welcome Kit 

Welcome Deck

VIP Access to our Content Library and Educational Resources

Fivesso Affiliate Code