Investing in Skincare? Get the Most Bang for Your Beauty Buck!

Isn’t it just flat out overwhelming to find products that work for you? The skincare market is so heavily saturated and rapidly changing, leaving most of us feeling like a confused consumer that is reluctant to constantly drop cash to try each and every one of them.

So how do we handle it without going broke? Before even getting into the hoopla of products themselves, remember that some of this is circumstantial. What we mean by that is products that are necessary for a 20 year old are not necessarily the same as a 60 year old. Additionally, think about your skin type. Don’t waste your money rapidly searching for a heavy cream moisturizer, when your skin type suggests more of a lightweight lotion is all you need. If you don’t know your skin type yet, find out here

Listed below is exactly how you should prioritize your skincare budget from the most important to least. 


Slightly obvious choice here, but still needs to be addressed. No matter what, cleansing the skin every day is a must to remove dirt and environmental yuck. The key here is paying attention to formulas. In general, you really can’t go wrong with gentle, light formulas. Most of these get the job done without stripping your skin of the moisture it needs. And yes, that means even for those of you that experience oil and breakouts. Don’t let yourself overdo it!


Yup, you need one. Don’t get us wrong, this doesn’t need to be an everyday activity. But in most cases, just once or twice a week is perfect. This is a great time to know what your skin type is because it can provide information on what your best routine may actually be for exfoliating. Again, gentle exfoliators are key when it comes to your consistent routine. Anything too intense can throw off your skin's balance and cause it to react negatively when done incorrectly or too often.



A daily moisturizer is 100% necessary. Moisturizing each and every day is vital when it comes to anti-aging in the long run. Formula matters! Is it a cream? A lotion? Gel? Read your labels and it’ll be fairly easy to see what isn’t likely a good fit for you. Gels and lotions are typically much less heavy than a cream. You also may want to adapt to your environment and seasonal changes as well, so it may not always be the same.


No matter what! Don’t be mad at yourself later in life, or put your skin on the fast track to looking wrinkled and uneven in tone. You’ve gotta give skin the best chance it can and use preventative steps like sunscreen, whether you live in Florida or Alaska. Most sunscreens do the job just fine, and you don’t need to spend a ton of money on it either. 

Treat Your Number One Complaint, and Use Multitasking Products

What’s the number one thing that drives you nuts about your skin when you look in the mirror? Choose products that combat it. This may mean a product for anti-aging or one for pigmentation issues.There are options for natural skincare lovers too when it comes to every complaint out there. If you can find products that do more than one thing then use them! Sometimes less means more. For example, often a thicker moisturizer is all that those fine lines need, and expensive eye creams may not be necessary. 

Find a cleanser, exfoliant, moisturizer and sunscreen that you love and stick with them! If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. This way, you only have that one product investment to experiment with as your skin changes throughout the years. Doing this saves money because you aren’t spending cash on every new trend that pops up.

It’s always helpful to do research and read reviews in addition to ingredients. And if you really want to feel confident in your purchase, look for products that are backed by a money-back guarantee and you're in the clear either way!

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