5 Amazing Skin Care Tips From Your Favorite Celebrity Girl

We admit it. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure to spend entirely too much time following our favorite celebs. It’s easy to get lost in the latest trends in fashion, beauty, fitness and more. When you see them looking fab, of course you  want to know what their secret is and benefit from it yourself right?

It’s important to know that for many of us, those tips and tricks are either ridiculously expensive or not even available  in our area. In addition to all that, remember that some (if not most) of what you see is TOTALLY unrealistic. So don’t, by any means, get down on yourself because you're not mimicking that perfectly photoshopped image you see in your favorite magazine, or that filtered selfie that took four hours to get “just right” for their instagram feed.

We want to keep it real, AND keep it natural. Check out these totally realistic, 100% natural skin care tips from some of your faves that will change your skin for the better! Read on y’all!

Emma Stone- Grapeseed Oil for Moisture

Who doesn’t love Emma Stone? There’s something effortlessly fun about her that just makes you want to hang out and grab a drink right? Emma has said she has extremely sensitive skin. Sensitive skin or not, we all still need basic skincare in our life such as moisturizing. Emma uses all natural Grapeseed Oil. Extremely affordable, and sourced from well…. Grapes! Just a little bit goes a long way, it’s affordable and you can find it easily at your local grocery store OR on Amazon. 

Scarlett Johanson - Raw Lemon for Glowing Skin

Lemon has so many benefits in the beauty world. You have seen it used in teeth whitening, skin lightening and hair lightening. (Though fairly old school in that regard!) Although natural, it’s highly acidic. When Scarlett Johanson needs a quick fix, or a pretty “just got done with a run”  glow before her next outing or event, she uses raw lemon to rub all over clean skin. She claims there might be a slight sting, but nothing harmful and totally worth the vibrant boost her skin gets.

Kendall Jenner - Baking Soda + Lemon + Honey for Acne 

Kendall Jenner has gorgeous skin, even on her no filter days. That being said, like many of us, she has tendencies to breakout and have acne flare ups. Dealing with this annoyance is easy to do right at home, and super cheap. Kendall mixes baking soda, lemon and honey as a spot treatment that will quickly dry up acne spots, without drying up the surrounding skin due to the moisturizing qualities of honey. 

Victoria Beckham- Salmon (Diet/Super Foods) for Overall Healthy Skin

Diet, diet and did we mention diet? If you follow us, you know just how much we emphasize the importance of diet and skincare. How being preventative and helpful from the inside is where it all starts. Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice follows this. (She is likely so over this name drop but we will forever love the Spice Girls and can’t help it.) Anyway, salmon is incorporated into her diet almost daily. The Omega 3’s in Salmon create dewy, younger looking, clear skin. Not a salmon fan? No worries, check out these other options that are FABULOUS options for more beautiful skin. 

Christie Brinkley- Daily Exfoliation for Anti-Aging

How in the world is this woman 66 years old? She is insanely gorgeous and is one of the VERY FEW celebs who looks radiant, young and not ridiculous due to fillers, injectables and plastic surgery. She has aged gracefully, which is a skin goal we all share. Her tip is to exfoliate every day. By using an exfoliant that is gentle enough for your skin to use daily, she believes we ladies are getting the same benefit that men get from shaving, which is a gentle exfoliation. This contributes to the fact that many men look younger by comparison to women that are the exact same age. Just remember to use gentle, organic products that will never harm your skin.

The ladies listed above are undoubtedly beautiful. But beyond beauty, they all seem to have a realness to them in terms of personality.. We not only stole these tips from them, but we chose skincare tricks from specific women that have natural beauty and deserve validation in that regard. Nothing crazy, nothing harmful, just good ole’ fashion skincare tips that you have available right at your fingertips, right now. Give them a shot and keep us posted on how it’s worked for you in the comments below! 

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