7 Superfoods That Create Glowing Skin From Within (That are Easy to Add to Your Diet)

We all know how important it is to eat healthy and nourish our bodies so that we feel our absolute best every day. There is so much truth to the benefits of eating well. It truly will make you feel better and affects the most basic of body functions from sleep, mood and weight management to the more complicated aspects of our body including our immune system, vital organs and more. 

Aside from all that, you likely already know that a healthy diet DOES and WILL affect your skin one way or another. What we love about foods’ ability to make our skin glow is that we can visually notice benefits quickly. This encourages us to be consistent and stick with it. (Just as quick weight loss can encourage you to continue a healthier lifestyle, opposed to frustration from stalled weight loss and limited muscle gain.

Listed below are 7 BOMB superfoods that if you don’t already have in your diet, you need to add them ASAP. It’s always best to get them from the foods you eat, but consider adding supplements that contain some of these ingredients if you just can’t make that work. (because well, we get it!)

Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids as well as antioxidants. You’ve probably heard about the amazing benefits from Omega 3’s before. In short, they improve your skins’ overall function and encourage collagen production which helps prevent the aging process. It also can help fade acne scars if you’ve been a victim of those as well. Chia Seeds are tiny, but powerful. They are incredibly easy to add into your diet through smoothies, or mixed in any other sauces or meals you’re prepping with very little taste.


Tomatoes contain lycopene and vitamin c. Both are extremely beneficial to skin because of their ability to shield the skin from harmful UV Rays, and promote anti-aging properties. Easily add tomatoes to salads, sandwiches and healthy homemade sauces.


This green superfood contains Zinc and Vitamin K. Zinc prevents breakouts and reduces inflammation while vitamin k increases blood flow allowing your skin to glow. It also fades the appearance of under eye circles. If you just can’t replace your current salad greens with Spinach, simply mix it in a smoothie with some other fruits and we promise you’ll barely taste it.


A diet rich in citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruit is excellent for dark spots and sun damage. Vitamin C can even out your complexion in general resulting in clearer skin and less needed makeup. Have a grapefruit as a part of your mid-morning routine, or have an Orange on your lunch break. Done. 


As if we needed one more reason to love cinnamon. (spiced latte anyone?) Cinnamon helps stimulate blood flow to the skin and circulation. It also helps acne suffers by demolishing bacteria that can cause it in the first place. Have some with your coffee, sprinkle it on an apple or even as a seasoning on certain meats such as lean pork. 


Berries are an excellent, low sugar fruit option that are beneficial in so many ways. To our skin, berries protect it against the suns’ harmful and damaging rays thanks to their antioxidants. Berries may also help with skin flare-ups and redness because of their vascular constrictors. Add berries to your oatmeal, on top of waffles or salad as a key part of your meal plan.

Dark Chocolate

Saving the best for last of course. :) Delicious dark chocolate firms the skin due to the antioxidant flavonal. Just be careful with this one though. Make sure you have a very high cacao content and low sugar so you reap the maximum benefits. Give yourself a little treat before bed while you’re having some “me-time.” 

It doesn’t have to be difficult. Make some minor adjustments to your diet and reap some major benefits for your skin. Remember to be preventative in your skincare game plan. One thing we are always trying to accomplish is making skincare as easy as it can be. It really shouldn’t be so complex. By starting with what you put into your body, you’ll spend so much less time trying to “fix” skincare woes with other products. 


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