Dry Skin or Oily Skin? Doesn't matter, you need to change your skincare routine for this Fall ASAP!

Glowing skin in autumn isn’t just a dream.
We’ll tell you how to get it! 

Last week, we showed you that Fall has nothing personal against you (I promise). Specifically from summer to fall, your skin makes a lot of effort adjusting to the environment changes and your daily routine variations (indoor vs outdoor temperature, for example). And now that you understand how it works, we’ll tell you how you can collaborate with your skin process by having an accurate skincare routine.

But don't worry, you won't have to reset your routine entirely! We'll help you adapt your regular skincare practices without complications. Actually, this basic routine will help you even further than just your skin. We want you to feel glowing from inside out.

Said that, you are probably aware that this isn’t just about creams, scrubs and lotions. As the skin is the largest organ of our body, it works by hand with the rest of the internal organs; and if you think of it that way, you’ll understand why this is a holistic process. 

Ready to rock this fall with a glowing skin? I bet you are!


Change your cleanser

First things first! Here’s an initial statement: the cleanser is key for the rest of your skincare ritual 

If you have the correct cleanser for the season, the rest of your daily skincare would be a lot easier because your skin will have a strong care base.
As we'll always guide you into a natural skincare path, our first advice when choosing your cleanser is: use a sulfate and paraben free one. Also, depending on your skin type (you can take a quick test here), you should consider the level of extra hydration your skin needs for this fall. Let us help you with that!
If you have oily skin, your first objective will be to maintain your skin’s hydration level balanced with the cleanser, and avoid overdrying your skin. Over dry it? Yes! 
A pretty common mistake is to think that as your skin “produces too much sebum, it’ll never get dry”, and this isn’t true. You’re skin vulnerable to season changes too. Therefore, a good option for people with oily skin is to use cleansers with fruit enzymes like pineapple, and a gel based or soapy cleanser. 
Another important aspect about the composition of the cleanser, is the pH. Did you know that our skin hovers around 5.5? While most common soaps are around 10 (OMG!). Now you’ve got yourself a new mission: to find a balanced pH cleanser. An extra point for these cleansers is their effectiveness on your skin with the acne breakouts and inflammations (you’re not alone with that boogieman).
Just remember, besides the brand or type that you choose to use, the final touch is in your hands!
Be gentle with your skin when you apply it.
In case you have dry skin, you’d need a creamier product! Cleansers with glycerin in its composition are a good choice. As this component helps to draw water to the surface of the skin, it will also have a long-lasting effect over regular ones.
In both cases, you should definitely avoid foam cleansers or any specific one that tends to make your skin dry, just like the cleansers that we usually buy for summer. Any type of skin is exempt from losing hydration and flexibility.

Mindful exfoliation

Some people say, scrubbing your skin is a MUST if you want to have a youthful and glowing skin.  

What do you think?

Maybe it is quite uncomfortable considering exfoliation right after summer (It hurts just by thinking about it). Well, it definitely shouldn’t be painful at all! As long as you have a gentle product and you treat your skin carefully. If you feel burning pain, you are using an inadequate product for your skin. 

Mindful exfoliation might be your new bff for the season. This practice helps you in the process of removing dead cells and gives room to new skin cells to glow your look. 

Oh! And this tip isn’t just for one type of skin. Depending on how sensitive you are, the recurrence of this practice will vary. Pay attention to details and how your skin reacts the first time, and you’ll decide how many times a month suits your health. For example, in regular skin once a week works just fine!

If you’re wondering about where to get it done, it's easier than you think! 
You can do it at home by using scrubs and keeping your skin away from artificial acids. We recommend an organic scrub made with coffee grounds, organic olive oil (this is key for cooler weather), organic honey, organic glycerin and some other ingredients that can variate according to skin type and season.
Cinnamon scrub sounds just perfect for fall, right?

Once you decide what product works gently with your skin type, keep in mind that the execution of the scrubbing is key. Mechanical exfoliation with brushes are kind of aggressive for sensitive skin! In this particular case, you should try not using a tool other than your hand or look for a pretty gentle scrub product. 
Now that your beautiful skin is ready, let’s proceed to protection practices!


Bye-bye to your summer moisturizer

There’s nothing wrong with your summer moisturizer, but let's just say that isn’t enough food for your skin. The same way you need to change your diet when you’re actively working out, your skin needs more vitamin and hydration during autumn and winter. If you’re not used to putting cream daily (not even talking about day or night cream), you would want to start doing so. 

During summer, a light lotion was probably enough to keep your skin supple, hydrated. Now that October is here, your best option would be to pick a thicker cream with occlusive ingredients (if possible). This will give more properties to your skin and for longer. 

Hello to the dry skin and sensitive skin team! As you need a heavier creme than oily skin-type people do, we have some good organic options. Let’s do a memory exercise: Think about autumn and winter during your childhood... Can you remember your grandma's magical solution for the awful rashes in your skin? For most of us, this magical product was just: Vaseline! 

You might be laughing, but this is legendary. Ointments that contain petrolatum exist in almost every house and are a lot cheaper than other creams. The only problem for some people is, petrolatum itself.

Nowadays, for us who prefer products made with organic ingredients, there are some great alternatives for petrolatum based skincare products, such as: Unrefined coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil products, among others. 

The best part is, you already got rid of artificial perfumes as well! In case you didn’t know, perfume is a trigger for hydration (I used to love smelling like cotton candy too, we can feel guilty together).

Shoutout to my oily skin team, here’s a tip for you! 
Although you won’t need (or want) as much hydration as the two cases from above; you still need to upgrade your summer creme to a heavier one. Let’s break myths about oily skin.

Using daily moisturizer won’t make your skin grassier, but the opposite. WHAT? I know, pretty curious. 

The thing is, when you don’t apply enough moisturizer, you’re triggering the need to overcompensate and produce more oil (uncontrollably… Boo!).

Now this is a final advice for you all: don’t forget about important tiny zones. An amazing complement to your daily moisturizer are eye and lips cream. And if you feel like needing an extra effort, you can apply a serum once or twice a week. Probably as the air gets cooler and your indoor heater warmer, this would make a difference. 


I know it seems to be a lot of information, but actually is pretty easy to process!

Accommodating your skincare routine for this fall won’t make you invest much more time (or money).

All you need to do is: keep your creams on hand, replace your cleanser, moisturizer with one that has a higher level of hydration and care for a balanced diet..Oh, almost forgot, please don't quit your sunblock!

A final helpful recommendation is to have a humidifier near you. They are kind of moisture to the air, and we know that as weeks pass by, from autumn to winter, air could turn into a villain to your skin.

Good news is that there are a lot of seasonal natural products and food that will help you enjoy the most about your new routine! You can’t smell like pumpkin all year long, but it is fine while fall is still here!


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