Be Ready for Summer 2020 with Flawless Skin

We all know the feeling. Summer shows up every year (as if we weren’t expecting it) and we’re not exactly ready for the beach and revealing swimwear. For many of us, this fear can apply to several different issues (quarantine pounds anyone?!) but healthy, glowing, blemish-free skin is one of the biggest concerns.

We have some of your top summer skincare concerns listed below. Here’s what you can do to not only prevent the issue, but to deal with it quickly if it rears its ugly head.

Start with the basics such as staying hydrated, a healthy diet, and reevaluating your current products. With summer comes humidity and heat and so do changes with your skin. This is a common and often overlooked issue that can be causing flare ups. In colder months we often require heavier moisturizers, but in summer this may simply be too much for skin. On the other hand, spending time in the sun may leave your skin dry and begging for moisture. Listen to your skin and give it what it needs starting from the inside out.


Both annoying and embarrassing. Most of us have suffered from it at least a few times. It’s frustrating because so many things can be affecting flare ups. Hormones, dietary changes, products etc. By starting from scratch as stated above, this will help balance at least some of that. If you feel it may be hormonal, then speak with your physician about how you can regulate those hormones naturally. If you DO see a flare up on the rise, use tea tree oil to spot treat. Better yet use a soap regularly that has tea tree oil right in it like this

Razor Burn

One of the worst problems to deal with prior to throwing on a suit. To prevent, exfoliate the area first using a dry brush like this. Make sure you are using a new, clean blade when shaving. Dull blades are one of the top reasons razor burn occurs. Start by shaving in the direction of the hair growth, and SLOW DOWN. Our skin doesn’t care for quick, abrupt swipes. Shaving in the opposite direction definitely provides a closer shave, but do so slowly. When you are finished you can apply aloe vera as a preventative, and also use it to treat any irritation. 


Hopefully we are all at least a little concerned about this at this point. There are tons of products and just like most steps in your routine, there are different formulas. Some are heavier, oilier, stickier than others which may create other problems depending on your skin. Do a little research and find one that’s best for you, the more SPF the better and always seek out a water resistant one. (reapply often!)

Skin Pigmentation/Tone

Hyper-pigmentation (those dark blotches on our skin or age spots) is our skin trying to protect itself. If you suffer from it, follow the above sun-care advice to a t. Sun protection prevents it in the first place. Wear a hat, lay under an umbrella and use SPF like a boss. Want to deal with what you already have naturally? The acid in both lemon and apple cider vinegar are said to lighten the spots. Dilute either one of these with water equally and use daily. This of course requires consistency on your part, and taking the proper steps to prevent it from popping up again.


We’re not talking that dewy glow, this applies when the oil has just been taken way too far. Stick to your regimen. Don’t over wash your skin, this will cause it to go into overdrive and become even more oily. Continue to give it the moisture it needs so it doesn’t feel like it’s lacking and overproduce. Lastly, think lighter for summer. Lighter makeup and  lighter formulas in general.

One of the best tricks? Prep now! It takes time for your skin to adjust! Explore new products, and routines that work best for you so you can actually enjoy yourself on the beach this year. It may take more effort initially but it will be so worth it when you can free your mind of skin worry. I think we’re all more than ready for a “summer vacation” after this virus has rocked our world. Get ready, and enjoy!

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