Stay mindful of your gut while eating during the holidays. Let us guide you

Oh yummy December, full of amazing dinners with family and friends! And for foodies, this is paradise season. But the problem in paradise is that, enjoying food shouldn’t mean stepping out of your healthy lifestyle. Mindful eating will always help your skin hydration and your energy levels high, and this is pretty important especially during winter. 

Well, worry not! Because we always bring solutions, and solutions are not about starving or avoid having great dinners during the holidays. This time, we just made a healthy and christmassy menu for you to host and enjoy good food and memorable moments.


Soup for the heart

We found this delicious recipe made by GH and it was instant love. The best part of this starter is that, even though it looks creamy, is completely cream free! Just pumpkin, cloves garlic, sage leaves, and our beloved ginger. This soup will hug your stomach and heart! Read the ingredients here.

Roasted brussels with goat cheese and pomegranate. Food turned into art!

This 20 min recipe is a delicious and healthy way of enjoying a super easy and sophisticated warm salad. The ingredients are totally part of the winter mood and besides being a delicious plate, it looks beautiful when served on the table. Do you remember our article about seasonal ingredients? Well, pomegranates are on the top list of healthy ingredients for cooler seasons! It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.
Go to the EatingWell article and get the full recipe and let us know from 1 to 10 how great this idea was!


Yummy dessert with no regrets!

No regrets is the new black! Because this delicious dessert is gluten free, high in fiber and veggie.

The sweet potato casserole has no sugar added and is made out of natural ingredients. Along with the sweet potato, the magic happens when you add natural vanilla and dried fruit little pieces. 

You only need 15 min to prepare the mix and 30 mins to bake it, et voila! Served with a delicious organic coffee, this is the way a mindful host closes a great dinner. 


We hope you are enjoying our natural healthy but enjoyable helpful tips for this winter. From the well deserved therapy, to the mindful diets, and the challenge against dry skin; Fivesso is encouraging and empowering people through self love and consistency.. 

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