Treat yourself a mindful therapy for your skin and heart this upcoming holiday season

Body and mind connection are the basis of balance, but you already know that.
The question would be, how does the Christmas season affect your mind and body? Christmas isn’t only about one simple day.  It means more, it represents more. Christmas is about mood boosting, recharging energy, and depurating old patterns. Also, this season for most of us means sharing LOTS of food, being part of different celebrations, eating less, working and spending time with our beloved ones. Head and heart are all over the place! This is the reason why we want you to feel relaxed, aligned and hydrate your skin before the busy days come. 
Use this treatment as many times as you feel like needing it!


The preparation

We love using different organic elements to create complementary DIY skincare products so you get to try new and wonderful effects of different fruits and vegetables. Make sure you prepare the mask before getting ready for the therapy.

You are going to love today’s recipe!

Hello pears lovers! Here’s a yummy winter skin mask

Bye-bye roughness and dryness! You are no longer welcome.
Skin’s enemy in December is not only winter and it’s dry and cold weather; but also, all the bad food, alcohol that we tend to consume;  in many cases even our sleeping habits change. Remember that this mask will help you recover hydration, but please -please- do not skip your regular skincare routine, December and January comes with cooler winds and your skin will appreciate the effort!
Ready to get into the christmassy mood?


  • ½ ripe pear
  • 1 teaspoon of organic honey
  • 2 tablespoon of organic milk
  • Almond oil or coconut oil

You’ll be needing a glass sealed container

The making of

Chop your pear in tiny sized pieces and put it inside a blender (or if you want to do it manually that’s fine, just be careful not to leave tiny hard pieces of pears), mix it with honey and the milk until it gets the consistency of a puree. Finally, add the oil of your preference (coconut or almond), close the container and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours.


The treatment

This mindful treatment consists in activating all the senses while your skin gets hydration and love.

  • Hearing: This time, you’re going to me working on your Root Chakra, to feel grounded, relaxed, less anxious and calm. Pick a playlist in which the songs are vibrating in 396Hz frequency. Don’t worry just type the frequency number on your music streaming app and you’ll get a lot of options right away! Or, if you feel like it, the mantra that opens this Chakra is LAM.

  • Smell: Aromatherapy along with grounding, is one of the best known ways of balancing your root chakra and finding calm and release. You can look for candles or essential oils such as, Cedarwood, Black Pepper, Spikenard, Frankincense and Sandalwood.

  • Touch: For your skin, you’ll be using the wonderful face skin mask. First of all, your face must be clean! So give yourself a couple of minutes to wash it out carefully with warm water, until you feel all the sweat and daily air dust has been red. Apply the mask by using your fingers (no external tools) and leave it for around 15min, then wash it out with warm water. 
    Let’s not forget about the rest of your body! In this case, the peppermint soap will match just great with the aromatherapy!
  • Taste: Give yourself a hug and prepare a Chamomile Tea. This wonderful plant helps in the relaxation process by directly impacting GABA receptors.

  • Vision: We’re going to turn “Vision” into ambient. The whole composition of the ritual is what you will be receiving through your eyes. Prepare your bath space and room with the aromatherapy, your favourite flowers, a comfy towel, turn on a white candle and play the music! Give yourself at least 30min to enjoy the most about this me-me time.


This process works like active meditation. While you treat yourself kindly and give your body a hug, try to put your mind at ease, stop thinking about all the rush hours and endless to do lists. Focus on the music and maybe later then, at the end of this seasonal skincare therapy, think about all the things you’re grateful for. Remember, that a peaceful mind is reflected on your skin health, just like a reminder that you need to get back to center.
What else would you like to add to your skincare routine during christmas season?

If you want to improve your skincare routine, follow our 21 days dry skin challenge and share your support!


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