Have you heard about Carotenoids? We’ll tell you all about them and how they are related to your skin health

Probably your first -and fair- question when you read the title was: What on earth are Carotenoids?
Don’t worry! Most of the people don't know this word, but when we explain where this comes from, you’re gonna start realizing -yes how important but also- how easily is to find it in your FRIDGE... Well, and if you don’t, then we can go back to why having a mindful diet is so important.
Let’s learn something new today!


Carotenoids didn’t come from the space

Carotenoids are organic pigments, and they are produced by plants and algae. Without getting too technical, their molecular structure was described at first for beta-carotene and this serves as provitamin in the production of vitamin A (this vitamin is known for helping with skin protection and healing process of the skin). Carotenoids also have important functions as anti-inflammatory and anticancer agents. Quite awesome, right?
An important fact is that the number of existing Carotenoids in nature goes over 750, and humans take up about 30 with their diet. Yes! Those annoying “take care of your skin and eat your carrots” are real. These Carotenoids provide protection against aged-related pathologies.

Where to find them, and eat them up!

Look for the orange color at the organic supermarket section! Welcome to Carotenoidsland.

Carotenoids are plant pigments and they are the ones that make possible those bright awesome colors in fruit and vegetables, such as red, orange and yellow.

But pigments aren’t only about making these organic friends look pretty -eatables-. They play an important role in the health of the plant and this is why people who have an organic eating habit get protective health benefits, among some others that we already mentioned in the Conscious Skin Care article.

3 benefits of adding Carotenoids as part of your skincare routine

  1. Natural booster for UV light exposure protection. UV light and pollution are “skin villains” regarding the early aging effects 
  2. Improve your skin tone and brightness. Yes, even in winter and without the powerful sunlight that you had during summer!
  3. Helps in the regeneration of the dermis


A pretty important part of eating Carotenoids through these organic aliments is that Humans cannot synthesize them and we need to balance our diet to supplement this need. We’ve only pointed out how some specific Carotenoids improve your skincare routine, but they also help your body health in so other many ways; such as age-related macular eye disease. If you would like to read more about this, here’s a great article!
But in any case, keep in mind that you won’t exclusively need expensive products to keep your skin healthy, but also, learning everyday about how to boost all those efforts that you make in your daily routine.

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