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What we love the most about holistic routines, is how they make you look better, feel better and be better. Today, this routine will be all about exfoliation! A great practice that will make your skin glow and will help to move toxins by stimulating the flow of your blood.
Isn't it better than a 50% discount? Yes it is.
Now let us show you how to master your weekly exfoliation.


Benefits about exfoliation

Scrubbing your skin will help you beyond removing dead cells. Think about this as a positive domino effect, once you press “on”, positive consequences get activated. 
  • Removing dead skin will leave enough room for the skin to absorb moisturizer and other important products.
  • While scrubbing, the flow of your skin is being stimulated and this helps with strengthening the zones and improves your skin tone.
  • Exfoliating helps improve collagen production, and this helps keep your skin from showing signs of aging too soon.

Get it done!

For your face, we’ll always encourage you to use a natural scrubbing mix. Last time, we left this great recipe for a DIY scrub that works amazing in your skin when cold weather attacks.
Once you have your facial scrub ready, pick a good time to get this ritual done...Oh yes! Time matters.

Of course, is not like if you don’t follow this tip it won’t work (It will work anyways), but it is interesting how much more you can take advantage of exfoliation when picking a good timing. The thing is, our skin mostly renovates itself during the night time, and if you exfoliate your face in the morning, you’ll remove all those dead skin that were released during bedtime. Nice, I know!

Tips for your skin type

Sensitive and Dry Skin: If you have this skin type, it is important to know that regular exfoliation tools and some commercial products are probably too abrasive for your skin. It will hurt and will get your skin irritated. But don’t worry, here's how you can get it done:
  • For your face: You can still use the recipe we just gave you, but apply it gently with your hands and make circles around your face for a couple of minutes (be aware of how your skin feels and stop if you think is getting too harsh). Some people prefer using AHAs as an alternative to traditional exfoliation. Just be aware that even though AHAs can come from natural sources, commonly the ones that you buy directly from the store to skin use, are not.
    Here are some good ideas for AHAs DIY masks with easy ingredients from the fridge.

  • For your body: Your face is surely more delicate, but don’t take the rest of your body for granted! You still need to be careful with the process. We would recommend an organic and kind product like the lavender scrub. During the application, if you want to use a tool, choose a gentle one, like a scrubbing towel and use it slowly and not for too long (1min per zone would be just fine!). Wash it out with lukewarm water.

Normal and Mixed Skin:  In this case, you can try some different products and tools, but always remembering the different needs of your skin during the different seasons. Right now, you need to take care of your hydration level.

  • For your face: Apply the scrub gently to your skin with your fingers and make little circles around your face for a couple of minutes. Don’t press too hard or rub too fast! And finally wash it out with lukewarm water. We choose a scrub honey recipe because it works just great during fall and winter, but if you want to try an alternative, here are some options!

  • For your body: Remember that we want to remove dead cells, make your skin glow and stimulate the flow of your blood. So take your time while exfoliating your body, as you do it gently, you can do it for longer (and don't hurt your skin). For your arms and legs, you can use a brush, glove or sponge and do the movement towards the heart. We would recommend this amazing and fresh scrub with organic olive oil, organic honey, organic cocoa butter, organic jojoba oil, organic glycerin, peppermint essential oil and some other great natural ingredients. 


Think of this like a 2x1 prom package for your body health! Having a good circulation prevents other problems like varicose and spider veins, all this while your skin glows better than ever. Sounds like a deal, right?

If you want to improve your holistic ritual, follow our 21 days dry skin challenge and share your support during the National Healthy Skin Month.

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