Not sure how to combat dry skin in cold weather? Let us guide you, beyond the common tips

Alternative options to combat dry skin

We’ve been talking about dry skin best practices since October (already? Yes, already!), and we know some of you have followed the regular routines from summer to fall and now, so you’re probably preparing yourself for winter. But we also know, a few are just beginning to be worried about the skin getting dry (because cold weather consequences are showing up).
Don’t worry, these tips work for everyone! 

Is never too late or too early to give your skin an extra hug.

This time, we want to show you something different. As you have probably read the typical tips already (and if not, here are the basic and pretty helpful ones), let’s talk about alternative solutions that you can DIY at home!

Read the ingredients list, you still have time to run to the supermarket!


Supermarket list:

  • Olive Oil
  • Raw Honey
  • Aloe vera

Is that it? Yes. Easy and cheap!

DIY Cleanser for winter

This is going to be incredibly easy and liberating!
All you need to do is: rub olive oil all over your face skin and place a warm damp towel (don’t forget to breathe) and leave it there until it gets cold. After that, just remove the excess of oil and...voilá!
You just gave your skin a special cleaning treatment, without removing its natural oil. 

Double scrubbing

Exfoliating is super important during fall and winter, not only in your face, but also in your body.
And this distinction is ABSOLUTELY important! Because you will be needing two different solutions, one for your face and another for the rest of your skin.
  • Sweet face: For this one, it is preferable if you have raw honey instead of the common one that we usually find in the supermarket (like the popular bear one). As those industrialized honey brands take the product into a whole process of heating and pasteurization, it loses a lot of benefits.
    Mix 1 spoon of honey and 1 spoon of brown sugar in a jar. Apply the final mix in your face and scrub it gently and carefully all over, imitating circular movements. Do this for around 5 min and wash your face with templed water. You can save this mix for several days as long as it is well closed, and you keep it in a fresh place.

  • Sweet body: Thinking about dry skin, you can complete your scrubbing ritual with a relaxing and magical lavender coffee scrub. This type of body scrub is great for this season because it contains a mix of: organic honey, olive oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, organic glycerin and other essential components that will keep your skin away from those terrible winter skin breakouts. As is completely organic, you won't need to worry about adding anything synthetical to the whole ritual. No other body scrubs use organic honey and organic glycerin  as a base! This prevents from opening up more of your pores.
    You can use it 2-3 times a week. max!

  •  coconut-skin-care

Glow and smell like summer spirit

For people that tend to feel like no matter how much moisturize you use in your hands and feet, they just feel like crying at the end of the day, we have an amazing practice before bed.

Coconut oil is a great friend for you. All you need is to apply a light portion of this oil before bed and cover your feet with thin socks. For your hands just let it dry, or use gloves made of fabric (totally avoid latex gloves).

Irritated skin? We got you

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, some areas of your body are too sensible and they will get irritated. Well, before we had 10000 million options for moisturizers, wise grandmas had a simple natural answer for this… and that is Aloe Vera!

After you buy the plant (and this is amazing because you’ll get a new magical plant in your house), take out one leaf, wash it and let it drain for a while. After the smell is lighter, you can open it and take the crystal out. Put it in a jar and keep it in the fridge. When you get those annoying rushes in your skin, put the crystal on the zone and leave it there for at least 30min. 


Remember, no matter how much you try to keep an organic skin care routine, if you don’t take preventive actions and stay conscious about other ways to help your skin… Hmm what other ways?
Well, nothing too complicated! Use accurate clothes for winter, skin gets “burned” because of the cold weather and being too exposed will only make it worse. And don’t remember to keep a balanced diet, drink water and don’t take eternal hot showers.

Don’t forget to follow our 21 day challenge against dry skin and up your routine before winter arrives!

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