Conscious skincare: The power of a balanced diet

Glow your skin from inside out with a mindful diet!

Our skin resembles a canvas that truly reflects what is happening inside your body and mind.

You can tell about people's habits by the way their skin looks and glows (or doesn’t). Far from being a trick to make you eat your vegetables, is a fact!
That's why we don't want to limit our skin care best practices to external products. Although the correct use of moisturizer, cleaners, scrubs, (among others), is pretty useful, a healthy skin also depends on the rest of your organs working well. This is a holistic process!

The truth is, keeping a balanced diet all year long is complicated. Seasons come with festivities and cravins that our hearts really desire! Clearly fall and winter aren’t an exception. These final months of the year come with some delicious desserts, pumpkin lattes and a lot of comfort eating.

This is a wake-up call for us all. We're in this together. 
Conscious eating helps you feel great and look great! And I’m not talking about body curves, but your skin looking awesome. 


Hydration is not only about creams! 

Let’s begin with the most important thing in our lives: water
(Of course coffee, and chocolate are on the list as well!). 
In summer, we drink tons of water all day long! Thanks to the high temperatures, the need doesn’t let us skip the minimum daily volume of water. But when fall arrives everything changes. 
With cooler temperatures, we tend to forget about bringing water with us everywhere; simply because we don’t feel as thirsty as before. Truly, you totally need it just as much as in summer. 
Help yourself by creating the habit of drinking enough water. Your skin is going to be so thankful!

Organic eating

Besides the magic liquid we just mentioned, there are some vitamins that your skin needs and you can boost them in your organism by regularly eating them (Yay! More deli and natural solutions).

Keeping a balanced diet is a favor you do to yourself: keeps you with high energy all day, helps your immune system during cold weather, and of course, your skin will look good too! 

Where to find them? 
Vitamin C is a pretty good example. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin and this helps combat SPF rays (strengthening your sunscreen effect), boosts collagen production and this consequently helps you get a brighter complexion. 
No doubts, vegetables are also a must! Let me give you a quick list: 

  • Carrots have a lot of vitamin A, which is good for skin protection and helps in the healing process too (quite helpful for chapped lips and irritated skin). 
  • Pomegranates are rich with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. 
  • Pumpkin seeds are full of zinc and this resembles magic for cell renewing and also gives your skin an amazing glow. And luckily we will find them everywhere these months.
  • Cranberries, besides anti-inflammatory properties just like pomegranate, also helps you with pimples and common acne.
  • Apples are a must! This fruit contains B vitamins that also helps you combating acne and some other skin irritations that increase during autumn and winter

The list could last forever, but the main idea is that you realize how important a balanced diet is for your skin. Feel free and comfortable by alternating fruits and vegetables that are rich in these properties. This is certainly cheaper than buying lots of multivitamins, is an organic solution, and better jet, they keep you from being hungry!


All the effort you've made in benefitting your skincare, will be worth it while the weather gets cooler, and cooler. An accurate and holistic routine will help you in the decrease of skin breakouts. Keep going and winter will be much easier for your skin! 

Looking good and feeling good helps you enjoy the most about your general daily routine. You got this!


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