2 types of meaningful gifts ideas for your beloved ones

If you are a christmas lover -just like we are-, you’ll agree when I say that giving presents to our beloved ones starts being less enjoyable when you realize how much waste is generated during this season. Good news is, you can still give wonderful free waste (or at least a lot of less waste) gifts, while encouraging your family and friends to look for mindful ideas for this christmas.
Woohoo! Yes, not only you spread love, mindfulness, and also consciousness. And Yes these are under $50! 

Ready for them?

1. Products

Giving fiscal products that bring a meaningful message is a fun way to create a memory out of that moment. A great option could be to buy products from brands that are package free, use recycled material and resolve a need that also substitutes single use products (such as reusable bottles, straws, etc). Here you’ll find some ideas for under 50$ package free gifts!

Some good examples could be:
  1. Zero waste lunch kit
  2. Zero waste drink kit
  3. Notebooks made with recycled paper
  4. Biodegradable phone cases
  5. Recycled crayon sticks for kids
  6. Organic beauty products
  7. Organic skin care products

Oh! And don’t forget about the wrapping paper! If you’re a creative person who loves doing DIY projects, a recycled newspaper and magazines envelope could be a fun thing to do, and this will definitely give an extra touch to your gift.


2. Non-physical gifts!

For those who appreciate some other intellectual kind of gifts, there are some great subscriptions and platforms where you can send intangible presents such as audiobooks, ebooks, the online course that your beloved one has been wishing to take, or even a subscription to mindful platforms with holistic information. In this way, your present will be zero-waste and totally super cool!

Here are some ideas for these kind of intellectual gifts:

  1. Audible or ebook of The Power of Now by Echart Tolle
  2. Audible or ebook of The Little Book of Being by Diana Winston
  3. Think Like a Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day by Jay Shetty
  4. Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon by Joe Dispenza 


Besides all these options that we just gave you, all you need is a clear intention to give your beloved ones a transcendent, meaningful, thoughtful gift that not only represents itself a great function, but also brings a message that we can always choose a mindful way of acting and living. Coherence is about how we can adapt our activities and regular traditions while caring for the world in the process.

We hope you have an amazing holiday gift picking!

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