What spring flower are you according to your skin type

Happy spring for everyone!

We’re so excited about the arrival of the season because is the perfect chance to refresh our skin care routine and get our skin glow back!

And thinking about the recovery process, we realized is just how flowers bloom after the winter is gone. Just as we have different skin types, flowers are also susceptible to different external triggers such as weather, bacteria, among others... But what's most beautiful about this analogy is that even though not all of them have the same process or timing, they all find their way to glow and look healthy and beautiful. Just like our skin!

Would you like to know what spring flower is your skin type related to?
Let’s share some YAY moment!


Normal Skin Type your flower is… Sweet Alyssum!

Hello lucky ones! All of you with normal skin type can surf through different seasons without suffering too much of skin breakouts. With just a couple of adjustments on your skin care routine, you are ready to deal with the change of seasons. Isn't it wonderful?

As wonderful as this Sweet Alyssum! i This flower doesn’t mind frost too much and as long as you keep regular cares like watering the plant according to the season, it keeps flowering and looking healthy.

Nice one to have at home, right?


Tulips are beautiful and so is your sensitive skin!

Hello team! We’re the ones who react easily to external stimuli in our skin. Especially during the allergy season -SPRING!!!- we suffer from different feelings of discomfort such as redness or itching.
What happens is that people with sensitive skin loses the protective layer located on top of the epidermis. This happens as consequence of these external triggers.

Truth is, we need to be aware that some of these triggers are out of our control, such as microorganisms and irritant substances. 

Same thing with tulips that need extra care to protect them from critters that are super attracted to this flower. But don’t forget, as long as you take care of the special treatment, this flower will look gorgeous during the season!


Hello dry skin team, Bluebell is your special flower!

Commonly, dry skin is caused by external factors, it means that your skin is pretty susceptible to changes such as weather, low air humidity, hot water, among others.
When these external factors affect your skin it cracks -super sad face- and you get exposed to bacteria! Some of the consequences are: desquamation, itching and redness. Good news is, if you adapt your skin care routine according to the season, you’ll prevent the most of these annoying symptoms. 

Same as this beautiful and purple colored flower, Bluebell is a magical spring flower that looks absolutely beautiful in your garden! But you need to take special care of it. Bluebell is resilient as long as you water it constantly and take care of pollinating insects that are highly attracted to it!

Just like your skin, Bluebell is a fighter and looks gorgeous as long as external factors that attempt against it are controlled. 


Mother nature is wise! And even though sometimes we feel uncomfortable and insecure with our skin type, remember that same as flowers you are beautiful! Upside downs in our skin are completely normal and susceptible to a lot of external factors, just be kind and take care of yourself and it is just a matter of consistency until you see your skin glowing! Like these flowers when spring arrives. 

Enjoy the season and stay mindful!

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