Treat your legs kindly and prepare your skin for the sun

How many of you have been waiting for this moment so bad!?
Because we’re madly desperate about having sunbaths -using sunscreen OF COURSE- and wearing those fav shorts that have been kept in the back of the closet since winter began #YesPlease. 

The second question would be, are your legs ready to be shown? Winter side effects are not a secret for anybody: Dry skin, pale tone, zero glow, and so on… Thing is, nobody should feel uncomfortable showing their legs for the first time after winter season! And most important, your skin health is a priority.

Therefore, we've created a simple 3 steps ritual that will give your legs love and glow. Get ready to shine during spring!


The perfect plan

Step 1: Hello Exfoliation! Bye bye dead skin!
If you’ve been following our blog, you already know this is a must in the change of seasons -And you should do it at least once every 10 days-.
Before anything else, exfoliation will help you remove dead cells from your skin. Say goodbye to that white dusty cover!

What product is a good choice? We recommend using a kind organic scrub and Lavender Coffee Scrub is a great option for the season! You’ll get the benefits of exfoliation + antioxidant properties from coffee #ItsAMatch.

A couple of best practices are:
  • Apply the scrub directly on your skin
  • Don’t use it more than 4 times per week
  • Dampen the area with warm water before scrubbing 
  • Scrub your skin by gently drawing little circles 
  • Using cold water, wince off the coffee grounds
Change your heavy moisturizer
You need to keep your skin hydrated! But you no longer need those heavy creams -Oh no, Oh no-.

Good news: Oils are a great option! If you like natural coconut oil or any other that works good on your skin, go ahead! Apply the oil on your legs right after your shower and… Voilá this will give a beautiful glow to your legs.
So don’t be shy and use that dress, skirt or short that you love so badly.

Level up your SPF!

Of course you saw this coming. We hope you didn’t stop using sunblock during winter -but if you did- is time to level up your SPF because with those glowing legs, also comes a great responsibility.
Apply before going out and if you are having a sunbath with more reason, Reinforce!


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Fivesso Team

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