Allergies season alert! Here are some helpful tips to survive the change of season

Hay Fever, best known as the boogie man -of the season- for people who develop allergies to flowers, grasses, trees and other plants that are usually more active in spring.

Are you one of those? Because I totally empathize with you!
We suffer from many symptoms such as itching, sneezing, congestion, headaches, watery eyes… #PleaseStop.

But these symptoms aren’t just out of the blue. What happens is that some of the components that those plants spread in the air are usually mistaken with an invasive protein by your system… the result, high production of histamine which develops the symptoms we just mentioned. Now, the question is: how to survive spring without being Rudolph on vacations?

After doing some research about the ways we can help ourselves during the change of the season -in a natural way-, we’ve found a lot of great organic and easy remedies to share with you!


Saline Nasal Irrigation? Yes please!

This is a well known solution for children and adults. You can use saline nasal spray if you are skeptical of warm, purified water. You can do nasal rinses once or twice a day to prevent allergens from being stuck in your respiratory ways.

Butterbur Extract

This magical extract comes from the leaf or roots of the plant and it contains petasin and isopetasin. These components help in the process of reducing inflammation -Bye annoying balloon nose effect-.
You can use Butterbur also for headaches and stomach aches!

Hydration… Wait, what?

Going back to basics once again. Allergies actually get worse when respiratory -and digestive- systems are dehydrated. Drinking enough water should be part of our daily routine, but if you need an extra reason, here it is! 

It doesn’t mean water makes you an allergic immune person right away, but symptoms will get lessen.


Get the best of these natural remedies during spring and enjoy this amazing season.

And if you have discovered some other alternative practices during your lifetime, please share it with us on our instagram @fivessoglow !

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