Learn how to rejuvenate your skin on spring! Coffee hack, you're welcome!

Hello oiliness is that you again?
Good news! Spring is coming, cold weather is fading, flowers are showing out… Not so good news, your skin is changing -again- and of course skin breakouts and acne are part of it.

Oh wait, also flower pollen is the seasonal trending topic. But don’t worry, as we are thinking ahead, you still have time to catch up on your skincare routine and boost the results by using our favorite


Back to basics

During this time of the year, the change comes from cold to warm weather and this can cause a lot of skin issues for most of us. Your natural oils will go back to normal balance and this change usually ends up with acne attack! Plus some skin allergies related to flower pollens -just wonderful I know...- but this isn’t the universe hating us, all we need to do is: To go back to basics. 

First of all, you need to adjust your skincare routine -yes, again!-. From products to technique, you need to consider:

  • You won’t be needing those heavy winter moisturizers
  • Your sunblock SPF needs to be higher
  • Definitely you can’t skip washing your face at least twice a day.

But this is just getting started.

Watch your soap

Sometimes, we tend to use the same soap all year long, without considering the particular properties that some of them can bring to your skin depending the season and how this affects your skin needs. For spring, the Lemon Tea Tree Coffee Soap Bar is an option made in heaven!

Considering the change of oil level in your skin, this soap helps you in the process of eliminating bacteria and reduces instances of acne on face and body
-Awesome I know!- but there’s more. Soaps made with organic coffee are a great option to alleviate the appearance of stretch marks and helps your skin feel more firm; also it gives you an amazing exfoliation experience on your daily bath.

Exfoliation is love!

Now it’s time to level up the routine! 

Of course winter leaves a lot of dead skin cells and it causes that dry and flaky sensation; without forgetting the fact that you need to remove that dead skin so your skin pores don't get cover and accumulate dirt inside -hello black spots-.

This is a highly important step for your transition of seasons. Physical exfoliation is magical and you get immediate results

Fivesso solution is actually pretty fresh and delicious for your skin during spring time. You can choose the coffee scrub that fits better with your skin -and mood-, from lavender, peppermint or the classical cinnamon!

The result? Happy relief!


Ok Coffe Lovers! Before you leave the blog, let's repeat the lesson of the day: Don’t wait until last minute to pivot your skincare routine!

And stay closed because we’ll be posting a lot of tips about skin glow and flowers season on out instagram @fivessoglow.


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