Self-love and flower based natural remedies for anxious days! An organic way to calm down and prevent emotional and skin breakdowns

Hi there, beautiful!
We’ve been talking a lot about different ways to boost your mood and decrease anxiety through simple daily practices. Yes, as simple as bath rituals, skin care practices that improves your positive state of mind, and some other amazing hacks like aromatherapy!
If you read our last article, you probably realized that’s simpler than you think. Want to know what the hard part is? Taking action by add these little things to your routine. Not as hard, actually!

Well, today we want to delve deeper into natural flower/herbal based remedies that you can easily -and safely- use when those routines are not enough to calm those anxious moments. 

Take your notes and be ready to add these magical ingredients to your next shopping list!


The well known Chamomile

Probably you’ve heard of this classic flower since you were kid! Chamomile is synonym of calm and stress release; and trust us, this affirmation isn’t out of the blue. 

This study cited by Healthline explains how long term use of chamomile extract reduces symptoms of anxiety disorder. Although it doesn’t prevent these symptoms from showing up in the future, it will help you decrease the edges of it.

Have you heard about Kava?

You can also find it by its scientific name Piper methysticum Leaves. This is a typical tea from the Pacific Islands and is commonly used as an anxiety remedy. How? Well it targets GABA receptors in the brain, the responsible ones to channel those anxiety feelings.

Oh! Best part, you can buy it ready to add water and drink it up!

The root that keeps you GROUNDED: Valerian

Commonly known as a natural remedy for insomnia, this root helps you reduce your stress level and if you drink it at night, we wish you sweet dreams!
You can find it in different forms such as tea, tablet and tincture. Just be careful, If you are pregnant or you are currently nursing, is recommended to ask your doctor first.

Hellooooo Lemon balm

This is a mint with a light lemony fragrance that has been also used when people have insomnia problems, anxiety and depression. Same as Kava, it helps by boosting GABA.


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