Skin care essentials for August! Main tips to protect your skin this summer

Looking good and feeling good is a summer goal -And we all know that-, but how can we make it easier and more effective is the real question!

Taking the choice of living a mindful and holistic life and quitting non-organic products isn't actually a complication and we'll give you some best practices for this summer!

Ready to feel and look radiant? Here we go!


1. Prepare your skin from within

We will never get tired of saying how important is nutritional awareness for the skin. Specifically for summer, let's focus on two tips that will help you hydrate your skin, prevent fast aging, helps you recover from UV damage -be mindful-, and has great properties if you want to look glowing.
  • Stay hydrated: Bring your bottle of water everywhere!

  • Vegetables are your friends: some citric fruits and vegetables like carrots have a high level of vitamins (like Vitamin C) and antioxidants that will help you recover from UV damage, neutralization of radicals and helps in the process of collagen production.

  • Spirulina lemonade, anybody?: Spirulina is a cute shortcut if you want to get healthy levels of astaxanthin in your body. This carotenoid is what gives shrimps, rosters and red fishes their beautiful color. If you follow a vegan lifestyle, Spirulina is a great option! Want to know an extra fact? astaxanthin believed to be the most powerful antioxidant.

2. Give yourself a hug with a winning routine

  • Sunscreen my love: Place a post it at your home door. You can't leave without your daily sunscreen! Any short walk isn't short enough not to protect yourself against UV rays.

  • Mind your lips!: Yes, your lips can burn from being exposed to the sun just like the rest of your body. So after you use your sunscreen on your face, shoulders and arms, don't forget your lips!

  • Tumanu oil, a hug in a bottle: Extracted from a nut grown in the South Pacific, has amazing inflammatory properties and also provides protection against UVB and UAB rays. Good news is hypoallergenic. 


Stay healthy, beautiful and safe during this summer!
Enjoy the best of the season and add some other great tips to enhance a beautiful color by reading some of our best tips on @fivessoglow instagram.

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