Healthy and safe tan effect: foods that give you a beautiful tan!

Hello, mindful tan!

Having a glowing and tanned skin for summer could be a difficult process for the ones who love taking care of their skin (like you and me!), because we are pretty aware of how dangerous UV rays are for the skin. That dichotomy between looking good and being healthy plays a hard role during the summer season. But don’t panic! We have some good news for you.

There are two ways of giving your skin a beautiful color: through carotenoid and melanin. 
The difference is that melanin coloration comes from exposing your skin to the sun directly, and carotenoid coloration comes from your diet… Wait, what?
YES, your diet! There are some veggies and fruits that are high in carotenoid, and by adding them to your diet, you’ll give your skin an extra magic touch.

Let us tell you what to add to your next super list!


Some of the most common vegetables and fruits with high levels of carotenoid are:

  • Carrots: This is a well known one! And it wont turn you orange, and instead of that, you’ll get: Extra vitamin A and a beautiful skin color.

  • Sweet Potatoes: Even though carrots are the most popular veggie when it comes to talking about tanning, actually sweet potatoes are the ones with the highest level of carotenoid compared to other vegetables.
    Oh, and they are super ñumiiiiii!

  • Cantaloupe: Melons are 90% water! So by eating this delicious fruit, you’ll get electrolytes, carotenoids and it will keep you hydrated during the high temperatures.

  • Mangoes: This fruit has caribbean vibes no matter how you decide to eat it! And this isn’t out of the blue. Mangoes are a great tan booster and they have high levels of antioxidants.
    This is an extra hack to help your skin with an anti-aging diet.

  • Broccoli: This vegetable is a great option because besides carotenoid, it has high levels of vitamin C, a collagen booster! Which means that it will help your skin heal faster in case you get sunburn during the season. 


See? Having the best of both worlds is possible!

By adapting your daily diet and using a high SPF sunblock, you can actually have a good tan while you care for your skin health. 

Glow your skin and stay mindful this summer!
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