Glow your face skin this summer! Say goodbye to puffy eyes

Ohh puffy eyes, our #1 enemy every morning.

During our life, we've been told that puffy eyes are because we don't sleep well, but this is only one possible responsible for those little bags.Puffy eyes are also related to: aging, life and eating habits and inheritance. Therefore, is totally in our hands to reduce puffy by having a healthier routine, becoming mindful about how we plan our day and what we consume. 

Of course this doesn't mean there aren't little and fun hacks that you can do to help yourself a little bit more.
Here are some great tips!


Tip #1: Coffee Ice Cubes!

Yeeees, we love coffee!
This is a matter of temperature and the composition of coffee. Of corse putting something cold near your eyes will help in the process of cooling your lids, constricting blood vessels and brightening up the skin.
At the same time, coffee stimulates te circulation in the applied area and has antioxidant properties that helps in the anti-aging process -of not having winkles just yet-

Tip #2: Raw Potato Slices

Cucumber slices are the best known practice for puffy eyes but, did you know that potato slices stay cool longer than cucumbers? Thats right! and they have astringent properties as well.

Tip #3: Got Milk?

Milk contains lactic acid and it helps in the process of increasing skin firmness. A lot of DIY recipes for home made masks contains milk, but you can simply dip a cotton into cold milk and place on each of your eyes closed for around 10 min at least. 

Tip# 4: Egg Whites!

This is an ancient remedy -for real- and so easy to execute! Just beat up an egg white and apply it with your fingers under the eyes (use your ring finger kindly), and let it dry. By leaving it 10-15 min you'll help tone and tighten your skin. 



Those tips were pretty useful and easy, right? 
Of course you can also add to your skincare routine special cremes for the eye zone and cold gel masks, but actually the most important is to balance your habits, eat well, don't smoke, sleep enough and practice meditation if you like to do so! 

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