4 awesome ways to prepare your skin for summer!

Can you feel it?
Yes, warmer winds are coming and summer is just around the corner!
After more than a year of on and off self quarantine, this summer seems to be better than last one -Yay!-.
Is your skin ready to glow outside?

If not, follow these easy 4 tips!


Tip #1: Exfoliate -Negative Vibes-

Do you want to get a Caribbean tan? Better scrub your skin first.
Body scrub is a must when the season changes, and in this case, you need to take all the dead skin out before exposing it to the sun. 

Be gentle and take it easy! Choose a scrub that fits good to your skin. There are plenty options! Just be careful with the components and enjoy the routine. And if you still don’t know which one is the best option, Fivesso has these coffee based varieties for you.

Tip #2: Never forget about taking a good bath at morning and night.

Sticky humidity is the anti-hero for the skin!
Especially on your face, humidity makes your skin look greasy and definitely won't help if you suffer from acne.
Key is: wash out the dirt, extra oil and impurities. Micellar water is a good choice, and remember not to use too much makeup or heavy moisturizers, it definitely won't help. 

Tip #3: Apply more DIY face masks to your routine

As temperature goes up, your skin will need more hydration and extra help to freshen up. Regular makeup and dirt create a surface on your skin that won’t help it “breath”. Be kind and use some fresh face masks to cool it down. 

Tip #4: Hello vitamins and antioxidants!

We’ve written a lot about the benefits of food regarding skin care.
In this specific case, vitamins and antioxidants (supplements or directly from vegetables and fruits) are key for overcoming deficiencies that comes from summer.
But that’s not it, some vegetables like carrots will help you get a better tan.... Awesome, right?


As you can see, preparing your skin for summer isn’t hard at all -at all!-.
Some extra basic things that you can’t forget are: Drinking enough water and using a good sunblock!

Summer is to enjoy it, not to suffer it! Be mindful and love your skin as your skin loves you back!

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