Why Coffee Grounds and Natural Oils Are a Match Made in Skincare Heaven

It can be a struggle to find skincare products that are effective but are ALSO safe and gentle. We know that no single skincare product is perfect for everyone. We are all unique, with different skin types and conditions which is something we love and challenges us in the skincare industry.

This is why paying close attention to ingredients and where they come from are so vital. We believe whole-heartedly that using the most natural ingredients we can find make a HUGE difference in how our skin reacts and the results we see from products with top of the line ingredients. 

Organic coffee and organic oils are a skincare duo that can’t be beat. Organic being the initial keyword here. For starters it is FREE of all those nasty pesticides, parabens and sulfates. Choosing products free of these sets you up for success which you likely know by now. But why coffee and why oils? 

Coffee exfoliates our skin in a gentle manner that many other scrubs simply cannot. You can effectively remove dirt and dead skin without the risk of doing damage to the skin. You’ve read that coffee boasts TONS of antioxidants by drinking it, this continues when used topically with fresh grounds (not brewed). It also has one of our very favorite things in the world, natural caffeine! Natural caffeine can do more than just keep us awake and become alert. It has an impressive ability to act as a temporary firmer and texture smoother for your skin AND stimulates blood flow to help reduce inflammation. (Bye-bye orange peel skin!) In case you missed the full blog on why coffee alone should be a part of your skincare routine click here!

And then there’s organic oils. All that goodness we just talked about above, is delivered much more effectively through organic oils like coconut, olive and jojoba oil. Each is great on their own, and have MANY uses as solo ingredients. But as a team, organic coffee and oils really seal the deal. Aside from delivering the benefits of coffee, organic oils have a moisture locking factor that is unlike any lotion or cream. When portions are mixed correctly, it’s AMAZING how smooth and soft the skin can feel without any oily, slick residue.

It’s much more natural to complete the entire process from cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing with one simple product like this. We are loving the fact that absolutely ANY skin type can benefit from coffee skincare. 

At Fivesso, we took two long years trying and testing different coffee skincare formulations. This amount of time required patience but was 100% necessary. Necessary to determine exactly what was needed to make coffee skincare something we can rely on for safe and effective skincare, which is always a win in our book!

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