That Homemade Body Scrub Just Ain’t Cuttin It - Here’s Why

We get it. DIY beauty products seem fabulous in many ways. They can certainly save you money, be effective and handle minor issues on the fly using ingredients you already have right in your cupboard. Recipes are also extremely easy to find. The convenience factor is what we all shoot for in 2020, rightfully so!

Don’t get us wrong there are some circumstances where this works just fine. Coffee body scrubs, is NOT one of those times. By now, you’ve read and SEEN the benefits of coffee body scrubs and how they are AMAZING, natural exfoliators. Unfortunately, grabbing coffee grounds from a tub in your pantry or from the filter that morning simply will not give you the best results. Allow us to explain.

Where does THAT come from exactly?

Dumping ingredients together from around your kitchen is probably not the safest way to scrub your body clean and remove dead skin. There are a lot of harmful things that can be picked up along the way when trying to create scrubs or other mixtures such as um... germs!  Not to mention, is what you are using natural and organic? Is it certified organic? There’s a difference! We have extremely high standards for the ingredients in our products and this leads to better results for you! By using 100% organic, fresh coffee grounds (not brewed), the benefits will be noticeable and your skin gets the BEST care available.

Measurements and Amounts

Often what happens when we grab a little of this and a little of that, is that it simply doesn’t work as well. In this instance, usually we have a tendency to grab coconut or olive oil which are ready and waiting in our kitchen without any regard to its quality. When we create our products there is extensive testing done to ensure it’s exactly as the skin would need. DIY concoctions can add way too much of one thing leading to residue and buildup, often making matters worse or defeating the point of the treatment in the first place.

Irritating Your Skin

If you suffer from skin issues such as acne, sensitivity or excess oil, then take a second to evaluate the risk. Skin issues are not one size fits all. Much like your hairdresser doesn’t recommend dying your hair at home, we don’t recommend creating your own scrubs at home. You need products that are suitable for you, have been tried and tested and have accountability

At the end of the day, do yourself a favor and spend the extra 15 bucks(ish) for a safe product and grab some piece of mind. You’ll be much less subject to side effects and reactions if you know where the product comes from, exactly how to use it AND have a brand to contact if needed. 

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