What does it take to be truly organic?

The meaning of being truly organic

         The idea about what your body consumes is completely absorbed by your body, sometimes, is overlooked.  There are days where you don’t want to care about what you eat because later you will go to the bathroom, right? We should stop overlooking what we put into our bodies just because of advertisement and the influence of the mainstream attitudes. Right now, consumers let themselves believe that if a product contains some type of organic components; it’s healthy, well not so much.

Whether or not you are looking for a product for your skin care, or to eat even, just because it has a tag that says it’s organic or natural. That shouldn’t stop you from reading the back of the product with the components tag. You can find that some products can be “natural” but still fully packed with synthetic chemicals like petroleum.


When looking for a natural product, you have to be careful looking at the scientific names in the components, if you want to be sure, do some research about these scientific terms to get a true look to its components. This is why we encourage people to learn how to read the labels and between the lines.  We have written an amazing skincare whitepaper for our readers. Click here to read more on how to decode Organic labels

Regarding organics, you want to ensure that there are  different tier of percentage of organic stnadards.  Food can surely be 100% organic. However, certain products does not necessary have to be or it cannot be because of certain rules or ingredient restrictions.  Based on the FDA (US Food and Administration), it only takes an amount of percentage to have it organic based on the state the product is made, regulated by the National Organic Program.

For example, in California, it only takes 70% percent to be organic, which leaves room to other synthetic components. Natural products like soaps, they can only be up to 90% organic but never 100% organic due to the lye ingredient  since it is anessential ingredient to make soap. This ingredient can never be organic.

Therefore,  we always recommend to be aware, research, and be picky on about what you give to your body.  Always read the components and if possible, reviews of the product. 

Always have the healthy outlook!

Best Regards,

The Fivesso Team.


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