Coffee Skincare - Naturally Resolving Dry Skin Problems

Dry skin is a common problem for all skin types including people with "normal" skin. Many skin types have a tendency to dry and crack resulting in dead skin cells on the surface. There are ways in which we can slow down the rate of dead skin cell production and protect our skin more efficiently.

We chose organic coffee as our daily skincare inspiration, because of its amazing abilities in exfoliation, curing, and maintenance of all skin types. With dry skin, organic coffee has shown great results for people with eczema and psoriasis, relieving unbearable burning and itching sensations. Its natural properties contain caffeine and antioxidants and furthermore do not contain harsh chemicals or pesticides. We chose to be natural in order to provide the highest quality skincare product.

The organic oils combine with organic coffee in our products, the natural caffeine acts like a glue that connects the dry skin with the natural oils. This creates a unique supplementation for the skin that we designed to provide a longer lasting surge of moisture. This allows ample time for the skin to regenerate and is referred to as signal tissue repair. The skin retains hydration and it helps contribute to the production of collagen.

In addition, natural caffeine also helps to protect the skin from the merciless sun rays. It inhibits the DNA damage response; thus, protecting the skin from the UV rays. Overall, natural caffeine boosts all of our senses whether it is inside or outside. The benefits of using organic coffee for skincare are endless and hard to ignore. This is ultimately why it's our flagship ingredient. So be natural to feel natural.

We wish you all beautiful skin,

Team Fivesso.

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