Coffee Skincare - Naturally helping you fight acnes and breakouts

        Having too much dead skin is a true nightmare. It’s really the ultimate obstacle to all of our desires. Post-shave dew and soft skin? You can forget about that smooth feeling. That is not possible if you have a layer of useless dead skin that traps your little hairs––creating the tedious ingrown hairs and irritation. This is why natural body scrubs are such an essential product for our skin care routine.

        We should exfoliate on a weekly basis for two or three times a week max. Dead skin does take a while in order to get completely rid of. Plus, our skin absorbs the nutrients carried in the formula, especially if you are using body scrubs that carries organic oils. This will help to keep the skin clean and prevent any bacteria be trapped under dead skin and will prevent any break out.


Here are three facts that you should consider when using organic coffee scrubs:

  • Organic coffee ground has antioxidants that work as diuretics for inflammation and it does not contain any harmful chemical. Exfoliating with coffee will also say goodbye to your swollen areas.
  • Organic coffee scrubs are often combined with natural oils and other natural ingredients. Oils are the best asset because they are absorbed completely by the coffee ground. This means that when exfoliating, the coffee ground releases its natural oils and the ones that it absorbs. Meaning: soft, hydrated and moisturized skin. Best practice is by wetting the skin with warm water first to open the pores open then apply the organic coffee scrub.
  • The natural caffeine retained in the coffee ground, works as a glue, or bridge between the skin and the nutrient the oil is releasing. Also, it works as a collagen protector to the UV rays.
  • By exfoliating with organic coffee scrub, you are keeping the skin clean and healthy by replenishing it with natural oils. This helps to  reduce the chances of acne breaking out on your skin.

The perfect scrub leaves you with a satisfying smooth feeling––knowing that these natural elements help each other, to help you.

Wish you all beautiful skin,

The Fivesso Team.