Hidden Gem: Jojoba Oil

        Normally, we let ourselves get influenced by advertising and amazing marketing from skincare products, which can be very dangerous for our skin. We tend to fall for appearances such as the shininess and prettiness of the bottle.  Then we tend to fall for strong fragrance smell of coconut and beach, which doesn’t mean that is always good for our skin.

Lately, many influencers have been talking about the trending ingredients such as Himalayan salt, coconut and avocado; all of these products are good and effective, but our skins don’t have to be confined by only these three natural  products you can find everywhere in the market. In terms of skincare, to find the perfect product for your skin, is exploring the spectrum of all types of natural ingredients, especially if these ingredients are organic and derived from the mother nature.

Today’s hidden gem and one of our star ingredients of today’s blog is the organic Jojoba oil; an underrated natural oil that not many companies go into – which they should because of the “global” spectrum of the effect this oil has on our skin. Jojoba oil is best to be used as a stand-alone, you always want to make sure in the ingredients and instructions tags of the product, that it’s always 100% organic and cold pressed. Some of these products are combined with the refined jojoba which concludes with a less powerful effect.


The rich organic jojoba oil is a powerful hydrant and an anti-aging agent. The secret ingredient is its balanced amount of iodine, an agent that moisturizes and hydrates to a serene level, that is why jojoba oil is perfect for all kinds of skin and for any part of your body. We find it very peculiar that this product is so versatile that you can use it in your manicure and pedicure as well. It tightens the follicles surrounding your nails and soothes cuticles.

It’s so gentle, that it treats and unplugs acne’s infected follicles and because of its antibacterial bans, it kills the bacteria and sweeps the dirt that plugs into blackheads. Like we said before, you can use it in any part of your body, such as your scalp, if applied directly to the root. it treats the dry scalps and sets the root of the hair so that it helps become a stronger strand.

The most important aspect we can detail though, is the fact that this oil is very impactful to eczema and dry skin in extreme conditions, but it’s also good for extremely oily skin.  It’s a balance factor no matter how disharmonized your skin has become.

Nature always brings and gives us the perfect amount of balance we need in our lives. That’s why we introduce the finest cold pressed amount of jojoba oil in our organic coffee skincare products, to balance the natural reactions of our organic ingredients when in contact with our skin.

Balance should a major ingredient in any organic skincare product  that you use.

Wish you all beautiful skin,

Team Fivesso.

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