Understanding Natural Skincare Trends for 2019 Body Products

Our entire body deserves to have an adequate amount of skincare attention, but sometimes we focus solely on the face leaving behind the rest of the body. In my case, I was always concerned about acne on my back and using sunscreen generously to prevent skin cancer. Now, I always try to find natural skincare alternatives that get rid of back acne, dryness and shield my whole body. Fortunately, 2019 has been a great year for natural skincare trends focused on the body. Many products have popped up strengthening skincare awareness from head to toe.  

A trend for 2019 has focused on mainstreaming the use of more natural and sustainable products so that the care we put toward our bodies, mimics that of the face. A common trend now is using body lotions with CBD components, for example, using CBD lotions that can help aching feet, sore heels, and blistered toes. This is an innovative way of using organic products that I expect will push new boundaries in the years to come.

Another trend right now is promoting the natural collection of healthy bacteria and other microorganisms on the skin to strengthen immunity. Why is this important? Because pollution is everywhere, even when it's not visible, the consequences may be seen on aging skin after time. Water and land have become more polluted and this can have negative impacts on our skin such as inflammation. However, eating healthy and staying hydrated, eating probiotics and working out (producing sweat) can be good for the body’s microbiome.


Finally, avoiding the sun is one of our first lines of defense for our whole body. Organic sunscreen options are a vital part of any complete skincare routine and 2019 has brought great awareness to this. Using organic sunscreen is a great option for protection and I have found that the best organic sunscreens contain coconut oil, resveratrol, and green tea, which are potent antioxidants that are beneficial for healing the existing sun damage. 

The future looks promising for our bodies as long as we stay aware! Extra tip: Technology can help, look into some of the new apps that aid in healthy, beautiful skin.

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