2019 Natural Skincare Trends- Enriched Products for the Face

Our face can be exposed to harsh environments on a daily basis, especially if you live in a big city. Polluted air and water can feel like an attack on our skin, and this has forced skincare product capabilities to new levels and be better overall. Facial skincare trends for 2019 allow us to take better advantage of natural ingredients, along with the guidance of skin care professionals that focus on clean and honest products.

A trend for 2019 is the rise of products that have been considered wild. What exactly does this mean? Ever noticed how strawberries grow without any help in your own backyard? (or someones!) Skincare professionals are using the power of plants that grow in the wild to create a more natural and effective product for use on the face. By using this technique, they are adding more powerful and nutritious ingredients for our skin so it appears healthy and moist. But why are using wild (aka natural organic) ingredients so important? Natural plants grown in the wild are resilient, strong and more adaptive. Therefore they have better building blocks that aid in skincare. These plants are often exposed to harsh sunlight and harsh humidity and have the power to naturally balance our complexion.

Plants such as chamomile and arnica are easily found in Western States and their natural ingredients can speed up the healing process of our skin and fade spots and scars. Trending products within these wild plants are tonics and oils. Wild fruits are also trending in masks, serums and balms. During the summer months, it’s easy to find blackberries growing in most woodland areas. Blackberries are rich in antioxidants and promote good circulation, helping the skin appear more vibrant. Autumn is a wonderful season to find rosehips in residential areas and parks, they contain lycopene and beta carotene ingredients which fade dark spots.

Wild harvesting is not only pure and powerful, it is also a sustainable and ethical alternative to gather materials and preserve land. We couldn’t be more thrilled that more skincare professionals are relying on the use of these ingredients to get better results in skincare.

Connections between natural skin care products and professional care are on the rise. We’re excited to watch the trend of wild skincare grow rapidly in the industry. It’s an amazing time to live in with education, technology and natural resources that are constantly being discovered and evolving.

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