High-Intensity Training Could be Better Than Your Most Expensive Anti-Aging Product

Working out should be part of our daily routine, especially if we want to keep our bodies and skin in tip top shape. We know that physical exercise is a must for our body. The issue of course, is that some of us simply don't have enough time to dedicate to it. In terms of skin, we then rely on expensive anti-aging products to do the dirty work for us.

Recent studies show that short interval workouts that require mini bursts of intense cardio followed by less intense “rest” periods can reverse the signs of aging. This means that we can squeeze in short training periods even in a time crunch, and it can be super beneficial toward our bodies and skin. 

Can we take a minute to celebrate the fact that hour-long treadmill sessions are no longer required?! (YES!)

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is what you should be doing for 20-30 minutes, instead of that tedious routine of slathering on anti-aging products.

Why? Because exercising is a NATURAL way to have the same results using a healthier and more affordable approach. Many dermatologists agree that Anti-Aging Products don't perform as well in the reduction of wrinkles and other signs of aging because there is no scientific proof. Many of these products are categorized as cosmetics, and they don't undergo as many scientific trials making it easy for them to squeeze through the system and onto your vanity.

Most of the benefits you see from anti-aging products only act as a temporary pick me up for the skin, and don’t actually repair any damage. In fact, these products may have ingredients that ultimately harm the skin and cause flare ups. Even scientifically proven anti-aging ingredients such as retinol can cause damage if used too frequently.

HIIT requires some work, effort and a bit of patience. In the long wrong it’s well worth it, since it benefits our body, skin and mind simultaneously. As we age, we can lose stamina which is one of the first signs of aging. HIIT improves stamina allowing us to feel more energetic and youthful. Doing HIIT also increases levels of growth hormones, increases insulin sensitivity (which aids in fat reduction) and most importantly related to skin, preserves telomere length that stalls the effects of aging.

Benefits have been proven by physicians from both the Mayo Clinic and researchers in Europe who have done numerous trials to show how HIIT actually reverses your cell’s aging process. HIIT can also improve the cell’s ability to convert oxygen into energy, which is key for stalling the aging process. So do that extra burpee,  your entire body will appreciate it!

Aging can be difficult and sometimes the answer to healthier skin is not in an overload of ingredients, but a change in habits. A HIIT routine can provide better results than an anti-aging routine and deeper, healthier,  lasting results. Do yourself a favor and stop wasting dollars on creams with hollow promises of youth. Simply go outside for 20-30 minutes, do some HIIT and breath in the fresh air for FREE!

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We wish you all beautiful skin, 

Fivesso Team

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