Sweat for Clear Skin

Hot, sticky, and sometimes embarrassing are the first thoughts that often come to mind about sweat. But did you know that releasing sweat actually has some amazing benefits for our skin? Sweat can keep our skin young and firm because it purifies, protects, and rejuvenates our complexion. 

Perspiration can help the skin by opening up pores. When this happens, it encourages the release of oil, chemicals, heavy metals and bacteria trapped inside. Think of it as a natural detoxification process that occurs within the body. It’s a little gross to think about, but our body accumulates heavy metals like mercury, lead and arsenic. These unwanted heavy metals are removed from the body through sweat because they thankfully dissolve in water.

Another amazing benefit is that sweat is a NATURAL antibacterial. Sweat glands release an antimicrobial peptide that attacks any bacteria on our skin. This helps protect us against infection from harmful germs and research has shown that it can even kill E Coli.

Sweat is a natural moisturizer that keeps the skin hydrated and healthy. When our body temperature rises, a process called vasodilation begins. Basically, our blood vessels dilate, increasing the flow of blood to our skin. Over time, this process has a positive impact on our skin, helping it look healthy and youthful. (If you haven’t yet checked out our post on exercise and anti-aging, catch up here!)

Next time you’re worried about sweat, remember it’s a GOOD THING. Good for that body, good for your complexion, and good for overall health.


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