Top 3 Common Natural Ways to Handle Dry Skin Conditions

            Dry skin has been the most common researched area in the skincare world, and where people feel mostly confused. A lot of products and abnormal skin behaviors can cause marks and peeling of the skin. Over-washing is the most common cause that leads to dry skin. Using water to clean your face more than twice a day can cause a small rate of dryness. 

Also, we don’t always have the same type of skin throughout our lives as we get older. Sometimes it is being forced to change on a daily basis due to outside factors. We have the weather conditions to thank for it. A true skincare nightmare! 

For instance:  During the summer the worst crime is to skip the SPF sunblock for moisturizer. The cream retains moisture and combined with your sweat, it will break you out. 

We also have the chemicals that we use daily. Believe it or not, some moisturizers or cleansers and scrubs you are using sometimes can cause more damage to the other zones of your face that it’s not treating.

Without extending the panic, here are our top three effective solutions to combat against dry skin:

  1. Using Organic Oils and Natural Serums: coconut oil, jojoba oil and honey are our most frequent products, but there are uncommon oils that you can use daily. Like almond oil, rosehip and macadamia.
  2. Healthy diet: Just because diet is in the instructions, doesn’t mean you are going to starve yourself. You are just replacing some ingredients. We have alcohol, of course you can have a delicious wine from time to time, especially if it’s organic, but reduce weekly consume.  Carrots, berries, beans, lentils and peas are high on antioxidants that help you make healthy cells to replace the old dry ones. Try to include these in your menu.  Consume a lot of water! 60 percent of our body is water. Simple as that. We should consume 8 cups of water average. 
  3. Shower temperature: hot showers can cause a lot of problems; they can scald the skin and cause irritation. Changing from cold water to hot can cause drastic changes on your skin. We always recommend lukewarm water.

Hope you enjoyed the three quick true life saver tips for dry skin condition. 

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We wish you all beautiful skin, 

Fivesso Team