The Perfect Bath

Coffee might keep us up throughout the week, but our bodies can’t keep up with the tightness and the excessive amount of processed caffeine we take to bear the heavy thoughts about our responsibilities.

The normal amount of relaxation that Americans consume is a very low percentage, even if they have time and they can afford it.  If you consider yourself as a workaholic, you probably rarely take care of your relaxation schedule because you realize that there are far more important responsibilities to take care of.

As human beings we often obviate our sense of tranquility, with the fact that we are happy with our lives. But we, the Fivesso Team, consider tranquility as a job and an active state of mind. And if you have to much work to take care of, we have the perfect solution.          

Human individuals are supposed to shower everyday of their lives. It could normally take us from 7 to 10 minutes to shower or bath properly –whether if it’s in a tub or shower head. No matter the time it takes us, it’s the only time of the day, our muscles and mind relax.

You must be thinking isn’t that why we sleep 7-8 hrs? Well, when we sleep our organism shuts off completely only to go back to the same cycle in the next morning.

When we bath, we are in connection with our naked body in total acceptance and direct communication. With our organism–in tranquility. We want to clean ourselves, cleanse the dirt and the impurity in our skin. Our body is aware that it should and is relaxing.

The Fivesso Team would like to share with you the perfect bath starter pack based on what your body needs from your mind.

 When we show care to our bodies, we are engaging a simple cycle of self-love that impulses our self-esteem, this is why you want to use the best products to take care of your body without overloading it with chemicals. A perfect bath should contain two key items: massaging and bathing in adequate temperature water to your skin type.

First, we want to dive in with temperature. Very hot water could lead to more grease in certain areas like scalp and facial T-zone. You want to make sure that it’s not reddening your skin, in order to keep it in a containing grease spectrum. However, the condensation of the water brings vapor, which is excellent for pores.

Now that you have tempered your water, we start to take care of our skin.  Avoid using any harmful chemicals body products during these circumstances. Your skin is exposed and they are very damaging especial to certain type of skins.  Therefore. our natural products are not made with harmful chemical. They are also paraben free and sulfate free.

However during this process, we have discovered that these components actually bring more benefits to normal skin types too. Our charcoal soaps wipe out the natural negative toxins that our bodies secrete, and to top it, it also removes dirt that might plug your pores (doing the job vapor does). Activated charcoal for our bodies is as good as to our facial skin. However, we strongly recommend that the facial skincare is done separately from our body skincare. Water is the most natural and primitive hydrant, but it also takes out necessary toxins off our face if applied to many times in the day.

Now, when it comes to hydration, shining, softening, and soothing, our star coffee body scrub does the job amazingly. Our Organic Cinnamon Coffee Scrub contains the natural magic of coffee to take care of our cellulite–blended magically with our cinnamon antibacterial oils. In addition, the organic Honey helps prevent body blemishes and it gives a healthy glow to your skin!

Always remember to apply gently and with massaging motions to relax your muscles and to create a pathway for the natural components to work on your skin.

When this ritual is over, and always to remember to rinse off your body with room temperature water.  As you step out of the bathroom, the sensation of feeling being relax will flow through your body and through your soft and smooth skin of your body/

Now, this ritual is the perfect excuse to let your partner or loved one to participate in their bodily self-love relaxation. Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you want to make sure your partner is in perfect harmony with her/his body. Share this moment with this loved one!

To learn more, sign up for skincare tips and learn more about Fivesso products on our emailing list at  Right now, we have 20% OFF with the usage of code: VDAY20W for your Valentine’s order! Take this opportunity to share the experience of tranquility. Share these amazing skincare rituals with your partner, family, or friends now.

Remember Darlings! Be Natural and Feel Natural isn’t only a motto, is a state of mind that reflects on the body–tranquility too! 

Best Regards,

Fivesso Team.

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