New Year Skincare Resolution & Solution

Believe it or not, our looks plays a major role in first impression we make in every day. This ranges from moments such as a first glance of each other to a casual daily  in person conversation. Therefore, having a healthy skin is important. It represent us. It plays the most important role of our daily looks. It is imperative to have a good skincare routine to maintain a glowing healthy skin.  From the moment, you get up in the morning, and the first thing that you look at, is yourself in the mirror. Sometimes, you want to know how you can look so disastrous. Sometimes you feel proud of the way you look. Sometimes you feel inspirational and wondering of how else you can improve your looks. So with the new year starting, you might have that drive to be a better you.  So how do you want to see yourself this year?

Having blemishes, allergies, acne, scars, dry patches, grease; these are norms of being human in our daily life. We are human beings and we will encounter them at some point of our lives. We understand that no one can be perfect all the time,  no one can have the perfect skin all the time. But we can try. The key questions that we ask are: how do we mitigate them naturally? how do we handle them if it occurs?

Our focus as a natural  skin care company is to let our customers know that these are imperfections that are part of our lives and stories, and yes, these are preventable and treatable. We get up every day to show our face to the world.  But it is not just a face that we show. It is how you feel within your own skin, is equally important as how other people see you. It is that miracle equation: feel natural and beautiful + our drive to feel happy during our day= you have a more confident face to show the world. It builds confidence within you.

“Be natural, feel natural.” This isn’t a simple tagline.  Let us explain. Since ancient times, all indigenous cultures, have used plants and fruits to tint their faces, clean their skin, perfume themselves, and most importantly, heal themselves. This was the most primal showcase of medicine. And you are in your capacities to take care of yourself; it is just as primitive. Look around you! Having natural skincare can be primitive because the natural resources are revolving all around you! It can be simple.  Coffee, ginger, lavender, honey, sugar, mud, fruits, salvia, aloe, olive oil, cinnamon, flowers, coconut, nuts, jojoba, palm trees, cocoa, we can keep on listing all the natural resources!

Alright, now that you know you have the natural sources, how can you put those ingredients to work?  That is the main reason like companies like ours exist. We want to help you make it easier by you giving you natural products like organic soaps and body scrubs. However, to complement our natural lifestyle, we also promote and recommend the use of your kitchen cellar. Yes, kitchen cellar. For example: use that super expensive Himalayan Pink Salt that you might have (or any kind of salt by all means) for a bath in the tub. It helps naturally cleanse the pores through your body.  While you are at it, relaxing at the tub, use a preparation of coconut oil and olive oil to help moisturize your skin.

These are just simple easy examples of the natural lifestyle awareness that we push for. Education is a key factor  that can be very influential. It can naturally lead and drive your decisions and actions. It can be simple and natural. But the question is how motivated are you going to be to strive to be a better you, to have a better skin on a consistent basis, to feel confident of those first morning looks in the mirror, with the mindset of doing it proudly and naturally.  Not only ask yourself how you want to look this year. But also ask yourself on how you want to feel this year on a daily basis.


Isabella C.

Fivesso Barisa

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