Morning Showers vs. Evening Showers

     When it comes to basic life routines, people like it one way or another. Some people prefers to put the milk before the cereal, some prefer to put the cereal before the milk. But does the order matter?  In this case, no – the stomach doesn’t care. How about the timing of when you shower? Night showers and day showers may seem similar to this position. However, these different timing have its pros and cons to our bodies that we usually don’t measure and think about.

     Hello to our morning shower people! Let’s say you are the kind of people that need to wash the sleepiness off their bodies, and you are ambitious enough, you rinse off the morning workout sweats. You are the type of people who like to start the day fresh, clean and bright. On weekdays, after the alarm goes off, you parade from your bed to your bathroom in a sleepy trance that can only be cured and awaken by the splash of water from your morning shower!

While you do this chirpy process, you are cleaning your body from that night sweat and to wake up your senses. But, when you get home, after that long day of work, you just want to relax and clean up with a nice bath or shower. You been out all day, walking around, working,  stressing etc. You do not know your body has attracted. But what’s the effect that it has on your skin of not cleaning off during the evening? It could result on body blemishes where the sweat concentrates, like back acne. That’s where the evening showers comes in handy.

      Now we get to our night shower people! Hi! Yes, we see you. Night showers are key for relaxation. Most of insomniac patients are recommended to shower 90 minutes prior sleeping to reduce muscle tension and to induce a clear mindset. But as said before, we all sweat at night, and bacteria that sits there on your bed sheets will sit on you, for the rest of the day, until you come home and wait until bedtime to take a shower. Timing for cleanliness doesn’t really matter, bacteria is always going to be there whether you shower in the morning or at night, but how influential this can be on your mood is very important. As said in the previous blog, showers inspire tranquility to set you a path to get on with your day, or a way to finish it in a clear way. So why not have the best of both worlds?

      Some specialists recommend that a shower from 5 to 7 minutes twice everyday with lukewarm water, and it doesn’t have to involve washing your hair, necessarily. It’s just to cleanse the impurities on your skin and to add some nutrients to the mix. If you are going to stick to this lifestyle, you should pack your shower routine with natural products and massaging in order to absorb such nutrients. Our scrubs and soaps are perfect to stick to this double shower routine, and also to our morning and night shower people. Then you end all your showers for a fresh brief cold water to close all the pores of your body.


Whichever technique you choose, remember! It should feel natural for you to be natural.

Be Natural, Feel Natural.

Best Regards,

The Fivesso Team.

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