Skin Mysteries- What’s in Your Home That May be Affecting Your Skin?

You’ve tried every product out there. You’ve read countless reviews from other users that have amazing results and solve skin problems without a problem. So why are you still stuck with super annoying skin flare ups that you simply cannot get rid of?

It may not be you, and it may not even be the products. It may actually be your home environment. I know! How frustrating it is to spend hours researching, and tons of money wasted when the answer to the problem could be right where you lay your head each night. Let’s investigate by issue...


Does your skin feel tight? A variety of systems in the home can contribute to dry air in the  home, such as running the furnace. Sometimes we need a humidifier that can add moisture back into the air we breathe. Look for a humidifier you can put in your bedroom so that your skin can say supple and moisturized. This environment can change from state to state pending on the altitude as well.  


There is more bacteria lingering on your pillowcase than you think. And yes, that means even if you are being super thorough when washing each night. Try to wash or change sheets every few days and at least once a week if you’re prone to breakouts. Additionally, try sleeping on your back rather than having your face directly on top of any bacteria every time. 


You may have allergies you are totally unaware of. Think about your daily routine. Do you use laundry detergent that is heavily scented? Is there pet dander lingering throughout the home? Dryer sheets are a huge trigger for itchy skin too! Do a bit of research and maybe even have some testing with an allergist or dermatologist for further clarification on what the culprit might be.


Dry Skin

Careful of those hot showers. Though they feel fabulous after a long day, especially a cold one… they can be super harsh on your skin and strip it of natural oils that it needs. Even your water and what’s in it can cause dryness depending on where you live. Iron and rust often linger in water and cause the skin to dry out.


Your skin may not be loving the fabrics you’re wrapping it in. Sometimes different fabrics such as wool can cause your skin to breakout in hives, or become red and itchy in general. This can even develop for some later in life, even if it wasn’t a problem for you previously.. When it comes to bedding and clothing choices, stick to cotton just to be safe and breathable. 


Mold or accumulated dust can be lingering in different areas of the house and yes, it’s gross. Gross, but surprisingly common and for many, can go unnoticed for years. That being said if you have any kind of underlying medical condition, or an allergy to mold then it can cause eczema and other skin rashes. 

The good news is that although it can be a journey, simply having awareness about your home environment and its role in the health of your skin, is a big step forward. With a bit of exploring, many of these flare-ups are completely solvable. You should be able to lay your head down each night knowing your home is helping you, rather than hurting you. So take time to learn friends and allow yourself to feel your absolute best. On the inside and on the out!

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