Probiotics and healthy skin are actually related! Help your skincare routine by using probiotics mindfully

As we promised, we are about to swim into deep waters of alternative -and not expensive- skin care solutions. The one that we’re pointing out today is related to microbiome skin care!

Let’s begin by clarifying that microbiome refers to the universe of microorganisms that live -cohabitate- in our body. Not only inside, but outside too! And there’s sometimes the misconception of thinking that they are harmful to us, but they could be actually pretty positive too.
For example, regarding our skin, it helps in the regulation of inflammation, and also, bacterias help in the prevention of infections to scale into more serious affections -pretty nice, right?-. The truth is, a balanced microbiome can prevent a lot of skin affections such as acne and eczema.

Today, we’ll guide you in the process of learning how probiotics help on your skin health and how you can introduce them in your regular diet and routine.


Wait! What are probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria introduced into the body for its own beneficial qualities and it helps in the support of healthy bacteria in our body. It could be acquired through different ways such as pills, topical form and sometimes eaten in specific food, for example… yogurt!

Regarding medical studies, probiotics are pretty helpful when preventing and treating skin conditions such as dry skin, acne, eczema and damage caused by UV exposition.

How it works

Probiotics boost the skin production of ceramides and it keeps the acne bacteria controlled. But there’s more! Because as time passes, our skin’s pH changes and it causes dry skin frequently, and as a repercussion, bad bacteria has more space to grow. 

If you give a look into our past article, we spoke about how gut and skin are strongly related, as the skin reflects inside organs problems, probiotics also helps in the process of preventing and treating imbalances in your gut.

Where to find them

Without getting into pharmaceutical solutions, you can find probiotics in:

  • Yogurt and kefir: If you are not a dairy sensible person, these are great options. Enjoy your favorite almond yogurt, coconut yogurt and any other flavor that you like the most! Just be aware of not choosing sugary ones.

  • Fermented food: Some of the easier ones to find are apple cider vinegar, pickles and kombucha!


Is actually mind blowing how easy it is to include these options in your daily diet. One of the most important things that we want to demonstrate is that preventing and treating regular skin issues shouldn’t be hard, expensive or complicated processes; and most of these actions can help in many of your internal organs as well. 

Next time, we’ll be talking about another complement of your holistic skin health routine: exercise.

Stay tuned and remember to share all these helpful tips with your beloved ones, we are creating consciousness together!


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