Exercise: another way to help your skin health without buying extra products

During the past weeks, we’ve tackled some holistic ways to increase your skin health without adding extra products on your drawer. Well, today wont be an exception and we have the mission to encourage you to enjoy your exercise routines even more because...healthy skin will be another outcome of your discipline and resilience!
Oh and better yet, you can choose the routine or sport that makes you feel empowered and comfortable.

Here are some amazing facts about fitness and skin health!


The truth behind 
Exercise and skin health is like the classic movie “Pay it forward” and is connected in so many ways.
The most common known fact is that exercise boosts blood circulation and it helps in the increase of oxygen and nutrients in your cells, in your skin. But there’s so much more!

  • Body and mental connection: We’ll be talking about this matter in the following weeks -spoiler alert!-, but even though this isn’t directly connected, it is still connected to your skin. Doing exercise is an active meditation and adds to the fact that chemically releases endorphins and downgrades your stress level; mentally it helps you in the process of “grounding”. All these positive stimulations are reflected on your skin health.

  • Sleeping better: Exercising is great for people that tend to sleep irregularly or suffer from insomnia. Have you heard about beauty naps? Well, maintaining your 7-8 hours of daily sleep also boosts your skin health and keeps your face looking healthy!

  • Smoother and radiant skin: When you sweat, it actually helps in the process of cleaning dirt stuck in your pores when they open during your training. Just remember to wash your face right after exercising!

  • The secret of -almost- eternal youth: Exercising and sweating also helps in the production of collagen, which maintains your skin’s elasticity, the one that we start losing with the passing of the years. 


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