Preparing the Skin for a Windy Spring

The horrors of the freezing cold winter weather is now finally coming to a close and the warmer, windy Spring is about to take over. While saying goodbye to the chilly season gives joy to the most of us, your skin will not be 100% ready for this transition.

Spring skin

As the humidity increases and the sun begins to shine a little brighter, there are a few things to consider to properly prepare your skin to not only endure, but to thrive through this shift. Here are some beauty tips you can start doing to keep your skin as beautiful as ever as you welcome the Spring season.

Beauty tips to adopt to prepare for Spring

1. Switch to a lighter moisturizer

As the surroundings become more humid, your skin will start retaining more water and producing more of its natural oils. This means that it’s time to set your heavy moisturizer aside and opt for a lighter one. You can never go wrong with moisturizers that are water- or hyaluronic acid-based to keep your skin well-hydrated without that greasy feeling!

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2. Don’t throw exfoliation out the door

The cold winter may go, but the extra layers of dead skin cells built up from the season may still stay. So as you undergo this transition, make sure to keep on exfoliating your skin to slough those dead skin cells away. 

You can try using a coffee scrub to effectively smoothen the skin while richly nourishing it with antioxidants to reveal that much-coveted glow.

3. Make sure your sunscreen’s at least SPF 50

Gone are the days when you can get away with using moisturizers or make-up with some SPF content. It’s now time to have a separate sunscreen with SPF 50 at the very least. As the temperature warms up, you’ll find yourself out in the sun for longer so make sure to get that extra protection!

Sunscreen during spring

Just like with anything else, preparation is always key! The changing environment requires some changes in the way you show your skin some love. By accurately changing things up in your skincare stash, you arm your skin with all the weapons it needs to glow through the shift in season. 

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