Skin Positivity: Why a Positive Attitude Leads to Healthier Skin

A positive outlook in life has a huge influence on our overall health—and yes, that includes our skin! Living a stressful life holds more consequences than you think. Life isn’t always perfect but by changing the way we react to difficult situations, we can stop the ripple effect of stress. We control what we can control. 

Skin Positivity

A study has revealed that chronic stress may lead to premature aging. High levels of stress can make your hormones go abnormal. It increases the production of cortisol and adrenaline which promotes inflammation. Chronic inflammatory signals induce collagen loss and dehydration which forces your glands to produce more oil leaving the skin dull, oily, and acne-prone. In our hopes to prevent this problem, we’ve narrowed down some tips to reduce stress-induced skin stress issues. 

Tips to combat skin stress

1. Take the best care of yourself

It’s an absolute no-brainer why this is a MUST! If you don’t look after yourself, stress will keep on creeping in. Find whatever works to reduce your stress brought about by life’s daily challenges and keep on prioritizing those. Make sure to not skip on your sunscreen to fight oxidative stress. Opt for healthier food options, get enough sleep, squeeze that meditation in, make time for your yoga class, and spend more time with people who make you feel secure and happy. 

By choosing these little things, you allow yourself to breathe the stress out and inhale the good vibes in. Believe us when we say that it makes a world of difference!

2. Take on life with a positive mindset

There are things we have no control over. It’s the easiest thing to stress out on every single thing that goes wrong, but ask yourself: what good will it bring you? 

Creating an optimistic attitude does not happen overnight, but by consciously choosing to do so, you’re setting yourself up toward an improved overall well-being. When life gives you lemons, go and feel bad for a bit, then make yourself some lemonade.

3. Commit to your skincare routine

At the end of the day, you may find yourself too tired to do your skincare routine. You are not alone! But you have to keep in mind that taking care of your skin reduces its stress levels. Cleansing your skin and applying your skincare products help your skin revitalize and recover from a long day of work. 

You can even take self-care a notch higher by being selective of what you put on your skin. We highly recommend using products made of all-natural ingredients to rid yourself of the harsh chemicals that can be a little too stressful for you and your skin.

Skin Positivity

Managing stress levels impacts your overall well-being.  If you keep on allowing negativity to consume you, you rob yourself off the chance to become the best version you can be. To achieve the life and the skin you’ve always dreamt of, adopt a positive attitude, nourish your skin, stay hydrated, and love yourself! ♡  If you know someone who might be through a skin stress situation, share them this blog. 

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