Emotions and skin health, give yourself a hug every day!

A wise person -that nobody has met- once said “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, and what it actually means is don’t wait for the last moment to do little things for yourself because everything counts. Well, the logic of today’s topic is kind of the same: “A self-hug a day keeps skin break down away”.
Pretty cool right?


Happiness and skin glow are BFF

Of course a smile is the best accessory you can wear! But how about having the whole combo.
In our past article, we mentioned that positive emotions or happy moments and thoughts in general, release endorphins and neurotransmitters that help in the process of realizing skin issues, for example, this process acts as a desinflamatory for the skin. As a direct result of inflammation reduction, the blood flow increases and there you have, that magical glow!

Mindfulness and skin health isn’t a myth

Without digging too deep into what mindfulness means, we can keep it as the mindset of “living the present moment fully” and this means, worry less about what’s not even a problem yet and think about every action that you can get done today in order to move forward and keep yourself grounded. Working on being a mindful person is a constant process of hugging yourself, and as we spoke at the beginning of this article  “A self-hug a day keeps skin break down away”. 

When you create the habit of acting more kind with yourself, regarding your feelings, your appearance and your problems in general, you create the habit of not focusing on problems but solutions, you create the consciousness of not drawing yourself in anxiety and sadness.
Result? Skipping a lot of skin breakdown related to these mental situations.


The mind-skin connection is extremely powerful and although we tend to forget about it, the sights are pretty clear. But far from focussing on the bad reflections of mental stress and anxiety -a more common topic- we want to remind you that there are infinite ways to improve your life quality. From your inner self to your mirror reflection, the full connection between thinking positively and feeling good is one tiny action away: to hug yourself!


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