Having a daily skin care is actually good for your mental health! Here's why.

Self-care, what an amazing and powerful word!
Here in Fivesso blog, we’re always talking about skin care and different ways to improve your routine; but how about the ways in which your skin routine can positively affect other parts of yourself. 

By other parts, we are specifically talking about mood and mental health. We’ve all been reading a lot -and also living the feeling ourselves- about how people feel during these hard days of pandemic. Being at home, changing routine, stress, anxiety and all those boogie-mans are more present that ever. Let’s fight them together through a holistic self-care routine focused on your skin!


The feeling of doing something great for yourself!

Looking good and feeling good is real; and don’t get this wrong, we’re talking about your own conception of yourself, we are talking about empowerment. Giving yourself a hug with extra care is an instant mood booster, and probably you already knew it! But let’s go deeper.

Beyond the fact of feeling good with how you look, the process or “the making of” is what’s more important. The activity of getting your skin care routine done is an active meditation itself! It helps in the process of getting your mind quiet, and as consequence, anxiety and depression levels might drop down.

The idea is that you use this whenever you feel like needing it, and as an advice, at least once a day -before bed is a great option-.

How routine boost your mood

Our daily routine has changed extremely! From having a busy -or regular- daily calendar of activities that kept you in movement, we had to cut out a lot of those activities, and the ones we kept, are probably being done home. To plan and create the whole process of your skin care routine will also keep you focused in that happy experience that you’re about to live. The expectation of positive plans, activates a specific area of the prefrontal cortex and this elevates your mood.

Make it last by turning it into a daily practice! It’ll also help you feel structure and the satisfaction of being accomplishing a routine that makes you feel better.
In other words, you’re creating a new space for yourself into your circumstantial schedule.


Give yourself a huge hug because you deserve it!
Improve your good habits, exercise, meditate and focus on self love! All these practices will pay off in the short time by giving you peace, a quiet mind and an amazing glow in your face.


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