Dear Moms: Give Yourself a BREAK

Our hearts go out to everyone right now with COVID-19 and this crazy, quarantined lifestyle. We know how stressful and difficult it is to deal with the uncertainty of it all. It’s enough to drive everyone a little crazy. This one however, specifically goes out to the Moms. We know that the struggle is real right now with constant togetherness and we got your back. It’s intense, even for the most relaxed Mom. Remember mental health is health as well!  

There’s no reason to deny it, and no guilt in feeling it. You need a break! 

We did a little brainstorming and created a list of quick breaks, where just a little break goes a looong way toward keeping your sanity. When the mind is stressed and in constant overdrive, it affects the body too! (ugh, body acne much?!) So please, take the time ladies! Wake up a bit earlier, stay up a bit later, or SPEAK UP to other members in the house and ask for help. It’ll make you a better mom because of it, so be sure to prioritize yourself. 

Deep Breathing/Meditation

10- 30 minutes is all it really takes to regroup. The sounds of nothing but your own breath has some amazing calming qualities. The more you practice this ritual, the quicker you’ll be able to tap into your “zen” space and reap all the benefits.

Take a Walk/Exercise

Maintain a healthy weight, live longer, and increase your happiness. Say hello to those endorphins! Yes, even from just 15 minutes of exercise. Push yourself to whatever limit that makes you feel your best today and forget about the rest. 

Call a Friend or Video Chat

Just picking up the phone and reconnecting with a gal-pal or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while is so helpful. Not only are you checking on others during what may be a lonely time, you are also feeling more human yourself by connecting with the outside world. 

Take a Bath

Need I say more? The warmth of the bath and the flow of the water is beneficial for the mind and body. Add in any other “spa-like” additions like candles, aromatherapy diffusers, and soft music that create happiness for you, and get an instant pick me up. (or calm down!) 


Go ahead and let that idea sink in for a minute. Find a quiet place to sit there and enjoy your nothingness. Just the thought alone is refreshing isn’t it? 

Listen to Music and Dance!

Music really has this magical power doesn’t it? Different music styles have the ability to change our mood rapidly. An upbeat song could be exactly what your mind needs, so let loose and get some energy out, be silly and laugh. You got this.

Give Yourself a Beauty Treatment

What makes you feel good? When we feel good about how we look, it’s good for the mind. Give yourself an exfoliating scrub down, pedicure, or facial mask and feel glam and fabulous ladies.

Take a Nap

The kids are yelling at you, or each other. Your husband is home, but is tied up with his own responsibilities, and social distancing doesn’t provide many babysitting options. Taking a 20 minute nap while your kids also nap or have quiet time can provide silence and a mental vacay that can help you feel your best and gain patience. 

Read a Few Chapters or Watch a Few Episodes 

Both of these are just another form of escape. When we can’t physically leave our homes, we have to allow our minds to leave at least for a short amount of time. Travel to someone else's world through stories, shows and movies. 

When all else fails, just hug your little ones tight and take a deep breath and release. The “toughest job in the world” just got much more difficult. But  Remember this and know that it doesn’t have to be perfect. We are all in this together. Do your best even if that means your best is different every day and that no two days or scenarios will be the same.

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