As The Seasons Change, So Does Your Skin & It Ain't Pretty!

Unfortunately most of us are well aware of what the frigid cold does to our skin. The cracking, the flaking, the extremely ANNOYING look and feel of our once supple and soft skin has suddenly vanished. (Sigh…) 

We hate to break it to you, but it’s SUPER important to go above and beyond simply slapping some lotion on and calling it a day. Read on for a few steps that may be missing from your daily routine and how cold temps can actually be MUCH more manageable than you think.

1. Make sure skin is not damp prior to cold exposure, this only allows the skin to chap that much easier. Think about when we have dry lips, and the act of licking them repeatedly to compensate, has that ever helped? Nope. In fact it actually worsens the problem.

2. Switch up products. In the summer we often use lighter products that don’t feel too heavy and thick on the skin. In the winter, the opposite can be beneficial. Think cream over lotion when moisturizing. Same goes for washing, cream and gel formulas or those with natural oils can give that extra hit of moisture that our skin really needs.

3. Apply moisturizing products at the right time. It makes a HUGE difference when we apply moisturizer immediately after a shower, after you wash your hands, and prior to bed. It locks in moisture, and prevents the natural oils from being stripped after cleansing. Right before bed is a perfect time as well, allowing the skin to regenerate and fully absorb the moisture.

4. Exfoliate, but don’t over do it. Exfoliating will remove dead skin, promote cell turnover, and allow your other products to penetrate the skin. However, many products on the market can be too harsh on dry winter skin. When choosing an exfoliating product, consider one made for sensitive skin (even if you don’t fall under that category year round). Fivesso soaps and scrubs are made with all natural ingredients including coffee grounds for exfoliation and natural oils that secure moisture without irritating the skin. 

5. Lastly, and we all knew this was coming but remember to work from the inside out and chug that water! It’s a MUST and is super important for your skin to feel its’ best and do its job.

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We wish you all beautiful skin, 

Fivesso Team

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