Suffer From These Annoying Skincare Issues? Take a Look at Your Diet!

Whether or not it’s visible to others, each and every one one of us is battling SOME type of skin issue. The range is certainly wide from acne to redness, from wrinkles to atopic dermatitis. Whatever your nemesis is, in the 20th century, it couldn’t be more obvious that our dietary choices can have a HUGE effect on these. Listed below are 3 commonly reported skin issues, and what you and good ole’ fashion food can do about it.

Sensitive Skin

Many environmental factors dictate sensitive skin, but if you believe you have that aspect of it managed, then look into food sources. Antioxidant rich foods are key, specifically the antioxidant “quercetin” which provides a calming “ahhhhh” to our skin. Think berries, tomatoes, broccoli, peppers and olive oil to name a few. 


Ugh, Eczema. Obnoxious on all accounts and often hereditary. Will food cause the skin condition? No. But if you already have it, it can kick it into full gear and make matters worse. It’s commonly associated with allergies from food that could come from the following; cow’s milk, fish, nuts, gluten, soy, shellfish and eggs. It may take some trial and error to figure out what is and isn’t agreeing with you, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. On the flip side, foods can help prevent Eczema as well. If fish isn’t something that bothers you, fatty fish can supply omega 3s and be helpful along with berries, kale and spinach. 


After many years of research, it’s not really what we once thought. If you eat pizza, your face will look like a pizza or whatever silly myth we used to hear. The truth is that foods containing high fiber, omega-3 fatty acids from fish, and nuts can definitely be helpful in preventing acne. And those that are eating less carbs and sugar are also less likely to see acne flare ups as well.

When evaluating the many skin issues that can arise, the good-for-you foods that we’re told to eat because they help us feel good and keep our weight in check also have the same benefits on our skin. If you aren’t currently, transition to a natural and fresh diet with a few tweaks at a time in order to start feeling and looking your best from the inside out!

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